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Well, if you werenít here last week weíre in Part Two of a series. And if youíre new to our church, we basically take messages or ideas and talk about them until we run out of things to say, and then we go on to the next thing. So, weíre at the very beginning of this series called Recovery Road. Weíre not like the current events church, which means we donít try to talk about everything thatís going on in culture. But every once in a while something happens at a national level, and when it intersects with Scripture, when it intersects with what we believe Jesus taught, then I feel like itís my responsibility, and I think all pastorsí responsibility, to say, Wait a minute. Letís forget what we were going to do and letís talk about what everybody is thinking about anyway. So, since weíre in the middle of supposedly a national recovery, and since the Scripture addresses specifically the subject of recovery, we thought we should talk about recovery. So this is the second part of an ďI donít know how longĒ series, Recovery Road. Iím thinking I might just preach on this until the whole country recovers. What do you think? This could go through the end of the month, I donít know.

Anyway, now in thinking about recovery, I started thinking about who are like the recovery experts, because there are people who do recovery things all the time. And it dawned on me about a week and a half ago, wait a minute, Iíve met a lot of recovery experts through the years. In fact, some of you that are here now, youíre at all of our campuses, some of you are watching online and specifically, Iím talking about my friends and your friends who have recovered from alcohol and drug addiction, who are part of a Twelve-Step Program. Iíve given out chips at CA meetings and NA meetings and been to AA meetings. And if you have been a part of that, you are the recovery experts.

So I called a friend of mine who had been through AA many, many years ago and I said, I know that the whole AA thing is sacred for people who would go back and say thatís what saved my life, and so the last thing I want to do is to sort of hijack those ideas in a sermon. Do you think itís okay if I talk about this in big church? He said, Andy, I feel like you talk about it in big church all the time. Most of us whoíve been through AA think you have been through AA. So in light of that, what I want to propose, and then weíll just dismiss, is I think the people who have been through AA, CA and NA, all those things and have recovered, they know what theyíre doing. So my proposal is that we put the entire country through AA, through the 12-Step Program.

And if we all go through it, then I think weíll recover. And if maybe not the whole country, at least letís put Congress through the Twelve-Step Program. Wouldnít that be great? I mean wouldnít it be great? Now be careful. Wouldnít it be