Taking off our grave clothes

Have you ever wondered why we have this tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter, the tradition of putting on new clothes has been traced back to Jesus. When the prodigal son came home his daddy gave him some new clothes. When you come into the house of the Lord you donít have to leave the same way that you came in. You can learn how to get some new clothes. You can take your old clothes to the Lord and leave them there. Look at your neighbor and say neighbor itís time to take our grave clothes off.
Grave clothes are not necessarily what I am wearing but a state of being and a state of mind. Grave clothes represent the things we used to do when we were spiritually dead. Grave Clothes represent addictions and worldly things that we hold on to. Grave Clothes represent things in your past that you keep holding on too. Grave Clothes represent depression, Grave Clothes represent our limited beliefs in what GOD can do in our live. One problem is that some of our grave clothes are so comfortable we donít want to take them off. We are trying to hard something behind but the Bible says there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed.
1 Peter 2 Laying Aside in the Greek is translated apothemenoi which means to take of or put away.

GOD is trying to get you to a certain place and move you into another level. He is trying to move you into another level of Grace and another level of mercy and another level of favor, another level of his anointing, another level in our relationships, another level in your finances but you have to take your grave clothes off in order to get there. Grave clothes represent deathís grip and hold on you and satan would have you bound but we bind satan right now in the name of Jesus.
In the book of Exodus Moses had to take off his shoes before he could come closer to GOD.
Many of us are saved but still act as though we are still in the crypt, we act as though we are in a chilly grave, when we were baptized and went down into the water which represents us going into a chilly grave but we were raised up out of the chilly grave to begin new life. Then why must we continue to act as though we are spiritually dead, we act as though we are in a spiritual blackout. We act like a powerless generation. A people without hope, but through Jesus Christ we are spiritually alive we are born again. When we are revived and resuscitated we donít need to lie there we need to arise and walk. We need to walk in the light because GOD has called us out of darkness into the marvelous light it. Sometimes the grave clothes that we have to take off is our own power. We have to be stripped of our own power to allow GODís Power to manifest.
Job said naked I came from my motherís womb, and naked I will depart, The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed by the name of the Lord.

The Lord Gives and the Lord can take things away. The Lord will strip you down of your pride and humble you so that
Terry Lebendig
December 31, 2008
Bless you, I have gleaned from your sermon to use as a teaching , awesome points.
Bless you Sister Burrell. I pray that you continue to be encouraged. Be Blessed !!!
Audrey Burrell
February 23, 2008
Pastor Frazier I love your sermons, especially the one that ask is your faith shaken. Because where I'm at now God is taking me to another level and your sermon encourage me a lot thanks