INTRO.- ILL.- I am reminded of the story about the two boys who came to the breakfast table. The mother asked her first son, "What would you like for breakfast?" He said, "I want some of those blankety-blank, Post Toasties." His mother just hauled off, backhanded him and knocked him into the floor. To her second son she asked, "And what would you like for breakfast?" He said, "I donít know but I sure donít want any Post Toasties!"

Where have our manners gone? I think in some cases theyíve gone out the window, so to speak. Donít people ever say "thank you" any more? And how about "please," "Youíre welcome," and even "God bless you." Of course, we canít expect the non-Christian public to say "God bless you," but other forms of politeness should be evident and expected.

ILL.- I have opened doors for people going into the mall and other places, only to be passed by like I wasnít even standing there. Not a word of thanks came from their lips. I donít open doors just so people can say "thank you." I open them to be polite, which is something my parents tried to teach me to be and to do. And most of you were taught the same.

ILL.- Nearly 70 percent questioned in an Associated Press-Ipsos poll said people are ruder than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Peggy Newfield, founder and president of Personal Best, said the generation that came of age in the times-a-changiní 1960s and 1970s are now parents who donít stress the importance of manners, such as opening a door for a female. A whopping 93 percent in the AP-Ipsos poll faulted parents for failing to teach their children well.

ILL.- Here is what an ABC News 20/20 survey discovered about rudeness or rude behavior in America. This survey is what Americans are saying about various forms of bad behavior in others.

Making Annoying Cell Phone Calls 87%
Being Rude and Disrespectful 84%
Using Bad Language 80%
Using Words Like B.S. and Freaking 77%
Using Cell phones in Mid-Conversation 74%

This survey is saying that about 80 percent of the time people are seeing these various forms of bad behavior or rudeness.

If bad manners and rudeness are problems in America, what can we do about them? 1- Set a proper example for our children. Example is still probably the form of teaching there is. 2- Teach our children proper manners and discipline them for rudeness. 3- Slow down in life. Be courteous. Realize that rudeness is a poor witness for Christ. When weíre in a hurry it says we are only concerned about ourselves and we donít care about others.

Not only are we guilty of rudeness toward people, but also toward God! How so? By failing to slow down and acknowledge Him daily. By failing to show proper gratitude. By failing to say "thank you" and give Him praise. If anyone ever deserved respect and gratitude, itís our God!

If we ever felt insulted by peopleís rudeness, how do you think God must feel