ISAIAH 25: 1-5

Isaiah now describes the situation which will exist when the kingdom of God is established on the earth. Yahweh will win the great victory when He overthrows His enemies and causes all men to fear Him.
Chapter 24 closed with the proclamation of the future gloriously reign of the Lord of Hosts on earth. In Chapter 25 we find it happening as the prophet speaks of the glorious majesty of Godís kingdom (Ps. 145:12), and gives thankful praises for what God will do. The prophet ascribed praise to the Lord for His marvelous future acts of judgment (2-3) and deliverance (vv. 4-5). God will be faithful in caring for and delivering His people (CIT).


Speaking in the first person Isaiah describes the great wonders which will occur when the Kingdom is established on the earth. Beginning with verse1, O Lord, You are my God. I will exalt You. I will give thanks to Your name. For You have worked wonders; plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.

The prophet himself determines to praise God. Those who would stir up others to praise God should first stir up themselves. Isaiah thus begins with an intensely personal affirmation that YHWH is his God. He has laid claim to the Lord as his God. Recognizing Yahweh for who He is and personally claiming God as your own provides the desire and motivation to exalt Him.
Isaiah ascribes praise to the Lordís name (His revealed character) because of His marvelous acts. The Creator God is not bounded by natural law or occurrences when He acts. He is able to act supernaturally and often does to save His covenant people. Wonders are part of His planned action on behalf of His suffering people.
The things God does and will do have been planned from long ago (14:24, 26, 27; 23:8-9). God is not making it up as He goes along. His wonders, His amazing acts, have been given forethought and are part of His overall design. He has a divine purpose and a divine strategy to accomplish His plan especially and specifically when it concerns His people. And when it does, the normal and natural are not barriers to His action on their behalf. What He plans He is not only capable of carrying out, He is perfectly faithful in carrying it out.
Friend, if you are making you own plans with out considering His plan for life and specifically for your life, you need to reconsider. Entrusting your life and your purpose for life to anyone but the LORD God is foolishness and may well lead to folly.
Any other plan but the one the Sovereign Lord has for life will prove worthless to you in the long run. Give Him your life and learn to trust His faithfulness.
Then give thanks to God. Praise Him! Exalt Him!...for His wise purposes and His willing action to carry them out on behalf of His people. For Godís marvelous acts