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That Do We Mean When We Say That Jesus Is a Burden Bearer?


Sermon shared by Tommy Davis

March 2001
Summary: This sermon deals with the age old saying that Jesus is a "burden bearer." And yet so many people do not really know and understand what it means for Jesus to be their burden bearer. This is the transcript of the sermon.
Tags: Faith (add tag)
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Believer adults
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to your lawyer even though the judge says youíre already getting more than enough. You need to know right up front that these people donít care anything about you. If they did they would leave you alone and keep their mouths shut.

They enjoy seeing you down and out. They enjoy seeing you suffer. They enjoy seeing you carrying that burden on your back. Thatís why if you want your burden taken care of you better stop looking to every Tom, Dick, Harry, or Jane and take them straight to Jesus. Can I get a witness?

The second kind of burden that we bare are private burdens. Private Burdens. These are the most difficult kinds of burdens for us to bear. We wouldnít dare tell anyone about our private burden, not only because we are afraid that they would become a public burden, but also because we would be too embarrassed and too devastated for someone to know what the private burdens are in our lives. Our private burdens could be something that we did or something that was done to us many, many years ago. They are just too private, just too secret, to share with anyone; not our husbands, not our wives, not our best friends, not our pastors, not our doctors, not our lawyers. Not anybody.

And most of the time, we wonít even share them with Jesus, because they sting us to the core of our existence. We are so embarrassed by them that we try to walk around and act like they never existed. But donít you know that GOD already knows what youíve done or what was done to you? You may not be able to tell your friends or your family about it, but if you tell Jesus about it, he will deal with it and nobody will ever know about it. As one hymnologist reminds us that youíve got to surrender all to Jesus. And He will take away your burden and give you rest.

The third and last kind of burden that we must bear today, are semi-private burdens. These are the burdens that are secret, but somehow and somewhere along the way, somebody else found out about it.

The bible tells me that David, the great king of Israel, had a semi-private burden that he had to deal with. For in the eleventh and twelfth chapters of second Samuel, we find the story of David and Bathsheba. Can I get a witness?

David had seen this beautiful woman that he wanted all for himself. But you see there was one small problem. For the Bible tells me that this woman was another manís wife. Can I get a witness? But David was the mighty King of Israel and was used to having his own way. So the bible tells me that he went unto her anyhow and knew her as if she was his own. But you see, my brothers and sisters, every thing thatís done in the darkness will surely come to the light. For the Bible says that Bathsheba got pregnant. And it would have been all right if she had been sleeping with her husband, but her husband, a Hittite named Uriah, had been out at battle, fighting for the kingdom of Israel. Can I get a witness?

So the Bible tells me that King David tried to get Uriah to take some time off so that he could go in and lay with his wife? But Uriah, being the man of valor that he was, refused to leave the sides of his at battle to enjoy some moment of relaxation that they wouldnít have. Wouldnít it be grand of all of GODís children were as faithful to the cause as this man called Uriah. Can I get a witness?

But David
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