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The Accursed Thing

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Nov 16, 2003
Denomination: Pentecostal
Audience: Adults

Summary: Has the riches of this life become your God and master, is the Accursed thing ruleing your life?

Are you keeping yourself away from the Accursed Thing? Joshua 6:17-18 ,And the city shall be accursed, even it and all that are therein.....and ye, in any wise keep yourself from the accursed thing, lest ye make yourself accursed..... Have you ever felt that youve been around the mountain 40 years, a time or too more than you should have? Do you feel that every time you pray, that it goes no futher than the ceiling? Well Isreal spent 40 years in the desert going around the mountain that should have been only a 19 day trip. What is an accursed thing? The Strongs Bible Dictionary says that an accursed thing is ,Vile, Trifling, a doomed object, or any thing that is, devoted to destruction. Who is your god? There are many in this life, people, money, possions, children, positions, titles, power, and believe it or not you can make a blade of grass a god. In Rome there are plenty of tourist, that go there to look at the beautiful, buildings and statues and streets but do they know that in reality, the statues in Rome come from Babylon, the capitol of paganism and idolitry.The Accursed Thing. Flase gods and false doctrine , deception of the first quality. Your children are learning about them in school every day, Zeus, Appolo, Venus, Aphridiety, and the rest. Greek mythology never came from a man just sitting around with nothing to do, they came from Satan and His Deamons, their right when they say Greek Tradgeids, they are. How can you mix Idols with Jesus and God, you cant. God declaired that no graven immage would be made of Him for man to worship. Well then what happens to people that take part of the accursed thing? Lets look at Joshua 7: 24-26. Here Achan took of the accursed thing and paid a high price for greed, his silver, gold wedge,the Babylonian garment, his sons, daughters, oxen, asses, sheep and all that he had, was stoned by the children of Isreal and then burnt with fire. Have you ever descovered that its easier to recieve help from unbelievers than to recieve aid from a christian. What is changeing the hearts of christians of today, why do they see a fellow brother and sister in need and turn their backs, or close up the bowels of compassion? Jesus said that the love of God is not in these people. If we cant love our brother whom we can see, then how can we say that we love God whom we have not seen? Who is Jesus? What were His teachings? What were His goals? Shouldnt we keep asking ourselves everyday? We hafe to work out our own salvation, with fear and trembling. Whats wrong with us, why cant we love our brothers and sisters, why cant we love Isreal and her people? They are in need and children are going hungry. Speek softly to Isreal, this is a commandment from the Lord God almighty. We are getting tied up so much with the accursed thing, that we cant see the revelations of Jesus, in Revelations clearly anymore. Its time to wake up, and pack up, for we are ready to go up, to meat of Lord, to stand our Judgement, to recieve the reward for things that weve done, here on this earth. The angels of heavan are looking down over the railing of heavan, shouting for us to go, go, go, go on and endure, love one another and be welcomed into the Joy of the Lord.To stop loveing the accursed thing, to comeout from amoung the world of greed and coventenance. Loveing the money and power of this world and to start loveing one another as Jesus commanded. The things that people desire the most wont last. To make a name for yourself here in this life wont be remembered in the next.The riches you have here, will be gone in the millinial kingdom, who will remember the game winning touchdown, or the home run that won the seares, or the corvet that you restored takeing time away from your family to do, who, no one. God said that the glory of man will last only a short while. The accursed thing that you may covet in this life will be a curse upon you.Speeking evil of Isreal will be a curse upon you. Who are we anyway? What do we think that we will accomplish here that will last forever? The church is a Holy Place for us to meat with God in fellowship with one another. We are to gather and not scatter. Ive seen churches that removed people from their congregations because of idle talk.People starting rumours that wernt true, and a man and his family were removed from the church. What is the accursed thing? Anything that causes you to be separated from God. Gods anger is comming, its comming soon. The Jews are returning to Isreal ,by the plain load. God said that He would gather unto Him self His people from the four corners of the world, before the end days. Its comming, its around the corner. Cant you hear the hoof beats of the hourses, the call to arms of the army of God, the Sons hand is upon the door knob, ready, at a word from His Father to open the door to Heavan and to bring His children home. Theres a storm comming, a massave tempest, to destroy the accursed thing from off the face of the earth.To make this earth, the way God intended. What will be your choice in that great and teriable day? Will it be worth the price you pay to keep the accursed thing hidden under your tent? Lost,Give your heart to Jesus today and christians ,let go of those things that torment you day after day . The weight that so often besets you .Lets all make a new start tonight. Lets all rededicate ourselves to God , throu His Son Jesus Christ. Lets get rid of the accursed thing, render to Ceasar that which is Ceasars and to God that which is Gods. Lets all get ready to go Home. ars

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