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Psalm 136 ďThe Amazing Grace of GodĒ


One of the most beloved hymns is ďAmazing Grace.Ē This hymn celebrates Godís gracious movement in our lives: the gift of salvation, the gift of faith, Godís strength in difficult times, and the hope of life after death.

ďAmazing Grace,Ē echoes the words of Psalm 136. This Psalm views creation and history as expressions of Godís steadfast love and grace.


For thirty years, Faye has sent cards with me every time I have traveled. I open those cards and Iím overwhelmed by love. I touch, see, and at times smell love. Other people express their love with flowers, diamonds, or a fire in the fireplace, a glass of wine and soft music. All are expressions of love.

The Psalm celebrates Godís grace and love expressed in creation. The God of the universe loves us. God would not have had to make the universe as God did filled with so much beauty, but God did. Creation is a love note from God. When we view a starry sky, a spectacular sunset, the splendor of new fallen snow, it is God telling us, ďI love you.Ē


Psalm 136 celebrates Godís love and grace that is expressed in the history of Israel. God lead the people of Israel out of Egypt and into the promise land. God protected them for invaders and enemies. Israel could look back on its history and see that as an expression of Godís love and grace.

We can look back on our personal history and view that as an expression of Godís love and grace, also.

∑ God has always been present in our lives providing for us and protecting us.

∑ Godís Spirit has always been active in our lives, nudging us toward God, giving us faith and hope.

We believe that the unchanging God, whom we worship, we continue to act in our lives as God has in the past; God will move in a gracious and loving manner.


The greatest expression of Godís grace is in the cross of Jesus Christ. There beyond a shadow of a doubt, God proclaims Godís love for us, and moves in history and in our lives in a most gracious manner.

Iíve been told that Grace means, ďGodís Riches At Christís Expense.Ē In the cross God is sparing to expense to love us, forgive us, and bring us into a relationship with God.

When we stop and consider the cross and all that God has done in our world and in our lives, we are amazed by Godís grace.