Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
and if anything good comes their way, they say, “Well it is too good to be true,” meaning that they expect failure all the time. These people end up blaming others for their predicaments when they should have faced the demon of the wasters responsible for their problems.
It is unfortunate that many lives are being wasted. The Yorubas have an adage which says that if a man spends 20 years planning to run mad, what time is he going to be released into the market place. Close your eyes and pray this prayer point in boiling anger: “I reject every manifestation of backwardness in my life, in the name of Jesus.”

It is this spirit of the wasters that does not allow people to understand that God has to expose His people to painful training in order to turn them to champions. A champion is somebody who has triumphed over great enemies. David was a champion. There is hardly someone who can become a champion without fighting. But the power of the wasters will not allow people to understand this.

People are said to be great for God because they have won many battles. It is only the fellow who passes examinations that is promoted. God may be testing you at this moment. The test of God for your life is to make you a champion. When God tested Belshazzar, He found him unfit. “Thou hast been weighed in balances, but have been found wanting.” That was the conclusion of the Almighty concerning the life of Belshazzar. So, in a sense, God was telling Belshazzar that he had wasted his life.
All the physical trials that Christians are passing through today are in reality, spiritual strategies for promotion. An untested product from the factory is as unreliable as the weather. But when an item is tested, it can be used and you can also have guarantee on it. Great spiritual assignments are reserved for vessels that do not break under trial. So, any man or woman who is looking at his or her problems from beneath will be boxed to a corner by those problems. But the man who gauges his problems from God’s position, will see all his problems as opportunities to record God’s testimony. Peter when he was looking at the storm from the position of Christ, remained afloat, but when he looked at it from beneath, he sank. There are many of us who are busy wasting our time throwing stones at Moses, complaining over very little discomforts instead of forging ahead.

What do I mean by stoning Moses? By stoning Moses, I mean blaming others for our problems. Some people are in the habit of heaping blames on their pastors or their former churches instead of realizing that they still have battles to fight. Your destiny is in your hands. Avoid looking for excuses for your present predicament. Rise up and challenge the spirit of the wasters and you will become a champion.

When the powers of the wasters are working in people’s lives, carrying out God’s assignments becomes difficult for them. They live aimless lives -