TEXT: Hebrews 9.1-28

When Adam first sinned in the Garden Of Eden, and the eyes of he and his wife were opened, God met them with the skins of the first sacrifice for manís sin. . . and the IMPORTANCE of the Blood was first INTRODUCED to IMPACT manís life forever.

From Genesis to Revelation, it is the central theme in expressing Godís love for man and the necessity of a sacrifice to redeem man back to his Creator. It was offered to Cain as the only choice for obtaining salvation from sin, to the Israelites in Egyptian bondage on the eve of the Exodus as their Passover to dissuade the Angel of Death from taking their first-born, to Moses on Mt. Sinai as the seal of the First Covenant with blood, to the Old Testament high priest as the yearly sacrifice for the sins of a needy people, and on throughout the pages of the Old Testament as a Promise of a Someday Better Sacrifice for manís sin.

But Isaiah 1.11 tells us of the weariness of God in the observances of blood without the true meaning. For a canvas was being painted that should reflect that Better Sacrifice. For God from the beginning of sin equated the sin offering as the same--even choosing to limit the vocabulary of sin and sin offering to the same word. . . so that man would always know that with any sin, He had before the foundation of the world prepared Himself a Better Sacrifice.

The Blood of that Sacrifice is that of Godís own Dear Son--Jesus Christ. It pleased God to bruise Him, according to the prophet Isaiah, for God knew that the remissions of sins could not have been effected without the Effusion of Blood on the Cross. When He chooses to pen this statement in Hebrews 9.22, He uses a word that He architects to be used only once--`haimatekchusia, "a gushing forth. . . an effusion" translated "shedding of blood". For without the shedding of His Blood, there is no remission of sin. THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD--for the Cross was truly a Bloody Cross. It was not the 16th century classical machinations of godless painters commissioned by ungodly rulers in God-forsaken churches to soothe menís consciences. It was a Blood-stained Cross that went with a Blood-stained Christ. For He was beaten and mocked and had His beard plucked out by ruthless soldiers. . . who plaited a crown of thorns into His scalp until the three inch barbs were lodged between His skull and His skin. He was tortured and beaten with a Roman cat-íoí-nine tails that tore His flesh and exposed His Blood to menís vicious eyes. Crowned with a crown of thorns, robed in a purple robe over his freshly opened wounds, the demons danced with glee that the Son of Glory should suffer so. Satan, however, sought to destroy Him before the Cross--but the Fatherís Plan necessitated that the Blood be shed on lifting Jesus above the earth on that cruel Blood-stained Cross on which He died.

The BLOOD IS OUR POWER--for it is the Lifeflow of Christianity. To think less of its importance is to