Introductory Paragraph:
One of the major news stories of the year...Princess magazines reviewing her life...eulogy Almost unnoticed went the death of Mother I listened to the story of her life, I gained an even greater appreciation for who she was & the work God did through her. Just as one gains a greater appreciation for great people when they hear their accomplishments & sacrifices reviewed, same true of salvation. {Broad perspective}

Textual Paragraph:
Paul = writing a church anticipating persecution... encouraging them to remain faithful to the Lord -& in so doing,-Paul gave the THESSALONIANS a neat summary of the Christian life. {Scripture Reading}

Relational Paragraph:
What is the Christian Life? What exactly does the term mean? 9/10 would say "trusting in Christ." Yet defining the Christian life as having trusted in Christ is like defining love as a personal attraction. The Christian life is much broader than simply the initial conversion experience. THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IS A UNIQUE DIVINE-HUMAN ENDEAVOR.

Your salvation began in mind of God before there ever was a world...difficult doctrine...we donít like it because we donít fully understand it.
Soren Kierkegaard - "It is the duty of the human understanding to understand that there are things which it cannot understand."

The average Christianís concept of God = blasphame
Jesus put it very plainly(JOHN 6:44) If the doctrine of election frightens you, let me assure you this: There is no one who wants to be saved who cannot be saved! Your desire = result of Godís choosing... and...God doesnít choose us based on foreknowing our reactions!{Isnít ordaining, that is reacting!}
Now from our prospective we were confronted with gospel and accepted. But from a Biblical perspective your salvation was Godís sovereign work...
How do I know if Iím elect?
Answer =(vs 13) "Faith in the truth"
[TR] Leads to 2nd facet...

Note the vs. begins-"so then" = consequence in other words...The Christian isnít called to stand still, he or she is called to climb.

Barclay - "The Christian is called not only to the greatest privilege in the world but also the greatest task in the world"

Salvation is much broader than being saved
Profession w/o growth or conviction of sin = misundertood gospel...The human side of that same process is "faith in the truth," says the apostle.
Somewhere along the line a choice of the will must be made. You cannot come to Christ by merely sitting in church.{Donít become a car by sitting in garage} You must believe that what God has said applies to you; that what He says he will do he is prepared to do. When you believe the truth, you are also invaded by the Spirit.
[TR]This leads to the 3rd facet...

God doesnít save you and then leave you. he gives