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The Compassionate Life


Sermon shared by Daniel Haas

October 2008
Summary: How do you live up to the golden rule?
Denomination: Congregational
Audience: General adults
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- How can humans be commanded to love?
- Itís not about affection but compassion
- Jesus lead a compassionate life (friend of sinners and tax-collectors) and was prosecuted for that
- Teacher to the Pharisees
- 12-year-old in the temple
- Golden Rule: "He who has the gold, makes the rules"
- Shma
- Israelís creed
- compassionate prayer (golden letters)
- the law is not about rules, but about love
- AS yourself
- How to love that mean neighbor?
- How do I DO that loving?
- Christís compassionate life for us: Christ praying for us
- Our compassionate life rooted in Christís passion
- Be honest to yourself and your neighbor, in case your whole self is based in the LORD your God
- Prayer for ourselves
- by ourselves
- together with others
- Church Bell Lordís Prayer
- AS for our neighbors
- Love of God results in love of neighbor
- Christís neighborhood is way greater than any ward
- neighbor in church: how do we love one another?
- we pray for each other - canít do that alone
- we spend time with one another - that is love in action like dating - being there for each other - not just on Sundays
- commitment: this coming week
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