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The Complete Picture Of A Believer
II Tim. 2

II Timothy is Paulís last will and testament to his spiritual son Timothy. Writing from a Roman prison cell, Paul imparts his final words of wisdom and encouragement to Timothy who is ministering in the midst of hardship and opposition in Ephesus. Paul stresses the importance of Godly living, preaching the Word in season and out of season, and preparing for the coming apostasy within the church. Underlying all that. Paul says, is the importance of Godís Word - the only foundation strong enough to withstand persecution from without and within.

In the second chapter the believer is presented in eight different aspects. This morning, we are going to take a look at each one of them. We will see the believer as:
1. A Son
2. A Steward
3. A Soldier
4. An Athlete
5. A Farmer
6. A Worker
7. A Vessel for Godís Glory
8. A Servant

I. The Believer As A Son Vs. 1

1. Paul starts out by calling Timothy "my son". Paul thinks of Timothy as his son because it was through his ministry that Timothy came to know the Lord. Paul thought of Timothy as his son in the faith.

2. Now every believer is a child of God by faith. We are not children of God by natural birth or because our parents were believers.

3. How many of you her today were born "saved"? Answer - none

4. We are saved by Godís grace through faith. We have no merit of our own.

5. We are saved by grace - stand in grace - and walk by grace.

II. The Believer As A Steward Vs. 2

1. As Christians God has entrusted us with something.

2. Christianity is not something we get for ourselves and keep to ourselves. We are stewards of the spiritual treasury that God has given us.

3. It is our duty to invest what God has given us in the lives of others.

4. The book of II Timothy is all about an old preacher, Paul, investing his spiritual knowledge in a young preacher, Timothy.

5. All down through history, Godís truth has been made known to other believers by other believers.

Luke 9:23-24

III. The Believer As A Soldier Vs. 3,4

1. A Soldier endures hardness - Serving God is not a soft job. It requires great endurance.

2. A Soldier avoids worldly entanglements - He is totally committed to his commanding officer.

3. A Christian Soldier magnifies Christ

4. A Solder thinks of the whole army and not just himself - You donít turn tail and run at the first sight of the enemy. -AWOL

When I was a young man in the navy, I was ordered to witness a court marshal. A young sailor had gone AWOL and had been picked up by the FBI over six months later in Nashville. After the case was presented to the officers that were judging the case, they asked the young man if he had any thing to say. His attorney said no, but against the advice of his attorney he insisted on talking. He told the judges that he hated the navy and had found a girl he wanted to marry. He asked them to give him a