(The Leader’s Progress)

2 SAMUEL 2-5

This dawning of a new day for David was an open window of opportunity. It was certainly an extraordinary day. It was a day of transition (in his leadership 2:10) for progress(in the pursuit of God’s will)! It was a day of new vision!

“The value of a vision is that it encourages you to give up, at any moment, all that you are, in order to receive all that you can become.”

David is a wonderful example of man who was willing to do that (give up all that he was in order to receive all that he could become) and of God’s blessing upon those who do.

“Measure your possibilities, not by what you see in yourself, but what you see in God through you.”

If I had only one choice in how my life would end, I would choose to be found faithful to God. I think we all enjoy the fruit of progress but we hate to pay the price it takes to achievement it.

With the rise of a new day there are new challenges to face and the same can be said for the will of God. Each day, is a day of opportunity and new challenges. While some days are more significant than others, each day is vital and important to our personal progress in the pursuit of God’s will. When the opportunity of transition for progress presents itself, what are some the personal common challenges that accompany it.

There is the challenge of:


A. Need - 1:27 “How are the mighty fallen” My life will only be significant as I obey Him. I can’t afford to miss a day of what He has for me!

B. Faith - 2:1 “David inquired of the Lord” I believe God has a purpose for me.

C. Prayer 2:1 “David inquired of the Lord” Lord what do you want me to do?


I am sure there were times when he wished he was back in the field tending sheep. Nevertheless, he continued with the necessary process that brought positive change. It includes:

A. Acceptance 2:2 “So David went up”

The problem for most Christians is that they accept so few of their God given opportunities that they don’t realize what they’re missing.

B. Adjustment 2:2-3

C. Application 2:5ff


The commitment of David to make progress in his pursuit of God’s will was characterized and accompanied by:

A. Perseverance 2:1 He experienced many up’s and down’s

B. Patience 2:1 “And it came to pass”

C. Prayer 2:1; 5:19; 23, 25 “David inquired of the Lord, saying”

D. Responsibility 2:4; 5:3 “They anointed David king over the house of Judah”

E. Supporters 2:3-4

F. Problems 3:1 Civil War

G. Mistakes 3:2-5; 13 polygamy

H. Growth 3:1

I. Trust 4:9

J. Success 5:4, 10