The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved
John 13:21-28 (Note verse 23 “Whom Jesus Loved”)
Intro: The Bible calls John in four places not by his name, but it calls him the disciple whom Jesus loved. In this instance we find him at the last supper sitting next to Christ leaning upon his pillow as was customary, and with his head leaned over on Jesus’ breast. It would appear that as John was sitting next to Christ, he felt the need at the supper to embrace the Lord about the time that Christ was to disclose the betrayal of Judas.
The old proverb says that you are known by the company that you keep. There is no better company than him! John was not known by his ability, but he was known by who loved him- “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” Before I tell you what this means, I want to tell you what it does not mean. It does not mean:
1. Jesus loved John and not the other disciples. Jesus loves everyone. John 13:1 teaches us that he loved all those that were his until the end.
2. Jesus loved John more than the other disciples. There is no variableness in him. There are no degrees of God’s love. When God loves, he fully loves.
The thing is that everybody does not love God the same! In fact, some hate him or the very mention of his name. Some don’t really love him. Some only love him on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Decoration Day. People who are disobedient, unconcerned, and unstudied don’t really love him as they say they do! There were 15,000 on the mountain, but very few when Jesus said you’ll have to deny yourself. God, church, and the Bible has to be able to fit into your schedule, but most will not serve in inconvenience. I learned from some parents who were disciples whom Jesus loved that God must be first, and everything else can be scheduled, as it is convenient.
* It does mean that John went deeper and further in a cultivated relationship with God. He was never satisfied just to be a disciple. He wanted to lean on Jesus’ breast. I’m so glad God saved me from religion, rules, regulations, reformation, and renewal of vows, promises and commitments and put me in a relationship with him. I just want to be a disciple whom Jesus loves.
I. Sit Where Others Do Not Sit: John 13:23, one was leaning on Jesus’ bosom. They were not all there… only one. John is the only disciple that ever heard the Lord’s heart beat! There are times when we cannot stand, but I am glad for a place to lean! This is his last night, but John is the only one who sat close by. While the others were arguing over who would be first in the kingdom, John was leaning on Jesus’ breast. All they could see was themselves and one another, but all John could see was him. While Peter was making promises that he could not keep to be faithful to Christ until death, John was leaning on Jesus’ breast. While Judas was counting his money, John was leaning on Jesus’ bosom. While some were finding fault, John was leaning on his breast. While the others listened to themselves and one another, John