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The Words of Christmas – Bring Forth A Son…
The Doorway to Eternity
Matthew 1:21-23 December 22, 2002

1. The Sunday before Christmas and excitement is in the air
2. Christmas means many things to many people – time off – bonus money – travel to
family - rest and relaxation – for children presents and stuff
3. Christmas is celebrated in a many ways – from traditional(cut tree on Christmas Eve
and decorate as family happening) – big lunch and gathering – just laying around
being at home and together
4. Whatever Christmas means to you individually – to believers it means something that
is often overlooked and understated
5. What happened there in Bethlehem did something that affects each of today – whether
believers or not
6. If you look at history – all of history (all) is like a door that is hinged upon what and
who Jesus Christ is
7. His death, burial and resurrection are the hinges upon which the door of history hangs
8. But His birth are the pins that hold the door in place – without the pins – no death
burial and resurrection
9. It is upon those pins that a door not only hands – but is allowed to swing open and to
10. What we celebrate in just three days is more than just a time honored story found in
Luke 2 – it is more than a children’s play or a musical presentation – what happened
that night in the deserts of Bethlehem under a star that shone so bright – was a
present from God to the world – it was the doorway to eternity
11. Had the birth not occurred – then the crucifixion could not have happened
12. Had the birth not occurred – then the resurrection would not be a possibility
13. Man would have still been going to a legalistic High Priest once a year to have his
sins forgiven – with no way for man himself to come to God alone
14. You must understand that everything we believe – everything we hold dear and
sacred is bound in these swaddling clothes in a manger
15. Those words….and she brought forth….means so much, because she brought forth
to you and to me the doorway to eternity
A. The phrase…and she shall bring forth in v. 21 indicates first of all a bridging of a
1. The Birthing Process:
a. When a young mother to be gives birth – there is a remarkable chain of events
that occurs
b. When this mother lies down on that delivery table – she is literally taking the
chance of loosing her own life to give life to her child
c. It is one of the most remarkable and miraculous sights known to man
d. Through hours of pain, anguish and coaxing – this mother’s body prepares to
separate itself form the young life that has been growing in it for nine months
e. From a microscopic organism to ten fingers and ten toes, two eyes and a nose
this tiny human enters into a world of chaos, confusion and controversy
f. Remember that