will those desiring the double portion overcome by keeping their eyes on that which has been revealed to them by Godís Spirit.

The Double Portion Anointing and the Church

The Church is destined to corporately walk in the power of Elijah, preparing the way for the Lordís return (Mal. 4:5). Revelation chapter 11 depicts this Church graphically as a powerful Elijah/Elisha type of ministry, full of dramatic signs and wonders (Rev. 11:6).

The prophet Joel describes an army of worshipping warriors, walking in perfect military formation, devoid of any competitive jostling (Joel 2:7,9,25).

Elisha had similar military tactics at his disposal as well. Through his prophetic anointing he could hear the plans of the enemy as if he were sitting in his bedchamber (2 Kings 6:12).

This type of warfare is the destiny of Christís Body of Believers who hunger for the double portion. By revelation they will expose the schemes of the enemy and advance the purposes of the Kingdom of God through a committed obedience to Godís strategic directions.

They will access the double portion for they will see a need for it in order to accomplish Godís purposes on the earth.

Elishaís time of preparation preceded the actual receiving of the double portion, which prepared him to step out in faith boldly when the mantle finally fell on him (2 Kings 2:14).

When the double portion falls, there will be those who will cross over into a new level of anointing where only those trained by the Spirit and harnessed under the discipline of the anointing can walk.

There is no guarantee that all will access this corporate anointing. Elisha was invited to partake of Elijahís anointing, and the cost involved leaving his old life. His desire for the double portion was born out of revelation, and then accessed through his diligent pursuit of it.

The Body of Christ is similarly invited to partake of the Elijah anointing but must be prepared to leave the ďoldĒ and step into the ďnewĒ by faith. The Elisha aspect of this Elijah anointing is reserved for those who see it, want it, and pursue it.

It will be the corporate accessing of the double portion that will prepare the Bride of Christ for her groom.

The righteous acts of believers will ultimately be birthed out of a double portion anointing which will prepare them for the Christís return.

May every true believer earnestly desire to minister in the Supernatural Power of the Holy Spirit and experience a double portion of Godís Spirit.