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The Easter Story - The Narrative!


Sermon shared by George Dillahunty

August 2008
Summary: The Easter Story revolves around Jesus, the Christ! It is not only history; but, it is "His Story!" He was human so that He could identify with us! He was Divine so that He could solve the sin problem!
Denomination: Church of God
Audience: General adults
into the Kingdom of God before you do. (v. 32) For John the Baptist came and showed you the way to life, and you didnít believe him, while tax collectors and prostitutes did. And even when you saw this happening, you refused to turn from your sins and believe him."

The other lessons can be found in Matthew 21:33-44 (NLT), Matthew 21:1-14 (NLT); and, the 24th and 25th Chapters of the gospel according to Matthew. Time constraints forbid us from citing those Holy Scriptures here; but, you can look at them in your personal Bible study time!

It was a week of ultimate experiences! There was the anointing at Bethany, found in the 14th Chapter of the gospel according to John Mark - there was the meeting with the Disciples in the Upper Room, found in the 13th Chapter of the gospel according to John - and, there was the Garden of Gethsemane prayer meeting, found in Matthew 26:36-45 (NLT).

Finally, as I begin to close, there comes a point in every story when the plot is blatantly revealed! Almighty God had been saying all along that He loves us - now, He proved it with the ultimate sacrifice of His only-begotten Son, Jesus, the Christ, on the Cross at Calvary! Almighty God had said, "The price will be paid for your sins! The Prophet Isaiah, in Isaiah 53:3-5 (NLT), prophesied: "He was despised and rejected - a man of sorrows, acquainted with bitterest grief. We turned our backs on Him and looked the other way when He went by. He was despised, and we did not care. (v. 4) Yet it was our weaknesses He carried; it was our sorrows that weighed Him down. And we thought His troubles were a punishment from God for His own sins! (v. 5) But He was wounded and crushed for our sins, He was beaten that we might have peace. He was whipped, and we were healed!" Now, that prophesy was coming true!

As I start to take my seat, now, know that the bridge has been built and the Atonement has been completed! Those who wish to return to full fellowship with Almighty God can do so! Almighty God is saying, "Welcome Home!" The late great British evangelist and author, Roy Hession (1908 - 1992), in collaboration with his wife, Revel (d. 1967), in their book entitled, "The Calvary Road," writes: "There is only one thing in the world that can hinder the Christianís walking in victorious fellowship with God and his [or, her] being filled with the Holy Spirit - and that is sin in one form or another."

As I sit down, Tell me, "Are you washed in the Blood of Jesus, the Christ? Are you living in victorious fellowship with Almighty God?" If not, why not?

The Easter Story - The Narrative!

May Almighty God richly and abundantly bless each and every one of you!


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