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Sermon Title

The Eternal Good Bye

By-Evangelist Gary Huckaby

(Message delivered at Lakeside Baptist Church 1980)

Before we read our text verse, I would like to tell you of some of the "Good-byes" we have all experienced. Every person born to this world has or will someday say "Goodbye" to someone. These good byes maybe to a friend, or to a loved one. Many times we gladly say "goodbye," and then there are the sad "good byes."

I remember well one summer vacation when my family drove across the country to visit my relatives in California. At the time I was twelve years old. We left Georgia on a Friday afternoon and drove until Saturday night before we stopped at a motel in Texas. Then on the next day we drove from morning until Monday afternoon before arriving at my grandfatherís house in Crest California. Crest is located just outside of El Cajon which is about thirty miles from San Diego. It was quite a difference to say "goodbye" to my dadís parents, my grandparents on that Friday afternoon, it was a happy "goodbye" as we were going on vacation. I remember saying goodbye to my uncles and aunts and friends that Friday afternoon, with the thought that we would be returning in just a couple of weeks to see them again. During our vacation in California, we had a great time with relatives which I had not known before. I met my cousins, uncles, aunts, and saw my grandparents while there. We went swimming in the Ocean, at swimming pools, explored caves and had weekend gatherings for all of my mom and dadís friends which they had not seen in years. What a vacation it was! Even though I was born in San Diego, I had lived in Georgia, (my fatherís home State) since I was two years old, therefore, I really did not know my relatives in California or what the country was like there, I had one of the greatest vacations of my memory. What a joyous time we had those few days together.

Then it came the day and time to say "Goodbye." It was time for us to leave and get back home to Georgia. The family and friends gathered that last afternoon to say "Goodbye." A sad goodbye it was too. Everyone was crying, hugging and crying some more. I felt like my heart would break to pieces. Several of us cried for a long time as we drove back toward our home in Georgia. That was a sad "Goodbye" for me, but I have since met with all of my relatives and friends again.

Then there were many "Good byes" to my friends in school. Those who moved away when we were in grammar school, High school, college; those who had become close friends through the years of learning. Many moved away to different jobs, some married and moved away. Some are not here anymore, for they have now gone to their eternal reward, by the way of death. Those "Good byes" really hurt too. On December 28th 1977, my dad died at about 10:00pm. We lived just across the street from my parents. God chose to call my dad home at an early