Yeah, heís there alright, sitting on the pew with his arms folded.

He doesnít put forth any effort.
He doesnít participate in the singing, the worship, the prayer time, and he sure doesnít participate in the offering!

And when service is over he goes home just like he came!

Ole Spec just watches everyone else from the sidelines.

Yeah, when we have a work day ole Spec watches us work.

When we go out on visitation ole Spec sits on the porch and watches us go by.

When we pray around the altars Ole Spec watches us pray.

He didnít come to participate, he just came to watch.

Heís not in the game, heís just a spectator.

And when rewards are given out in heaven someday, heíll be just a spectator again because he never was a participator.

6. The sixth member of this peculiar family is Miss Imi, yes, Imi-tater.

She wants our church to be like the church down the street. She wants our choir to sing like the Billy Graham crusade choir.

She wants the preacher to preach like some TV evangelist.

She just wants us to imitate some other ministry and not give God a chance to mold us into what He wants us to be in His own unique way.

God doesnít want us to be like somebody else, or worship just like the First Church.

He wants us to yield to the Holy Spirit and allow God to use us according to His perfect will.

7. The seventh member of this Tater family is old brother Ampu. Yeah, Ampu-tater.

He has amputated himself from the church altogether.

He doesnít come anymore. He has cut himself off from the church.

He got hurt, or he got mad, or something happened he didnít like, so he just cut himself off.

The problem is, when a member of the body is cut off, it will die. The church will continue, but the amputated member will die spiritually.

When Ampu cut himself off from the church, he cut himself off from Godís blessings, good Christian fellowship, worship and praise, and even cut himself off from becoming his full potential for God.

Ampu needs our prayers desperately.

8. Lastly, there is a member of this Tater family that really doesnít fit in.

Sheís different. She was cut from a different mold.

She acts different, looks different. Sheís got a different attitude. Itís hard to believe she is in the same family.

Her name is Sweet Tater. Yeah, sheís has a different spirit. She has a sweet spirit.

She always has a smile on her face, even when they are receiving the offering for the third time!

She loves her neighbor, even if they ainít no good!!!
She loves God with all her heart and is excited about doing anything she is asked to do.

Sheís a sweet tater! Oh, her characteristics is found in Galatians 5:22-23.

Every church need some sweet taters in them! The rest of the tater family just needs to get saved!!

Sweet tater always has a kind word to say to everyone. She even tells the preacher he did a great job, even when he didnít!

Sweet Tater always