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The Eyes Have It
The Role of the Spiritual Optometrist

II Kings 6:8-18

Have you ever had an eye exam, I am sure you have been to an optometrist at least once it is the most interesting exam that you have ever had. It is also the least probing of all medical exams which I can am grateful for. You know the technology has advanced from when Rev. Mungo took the exam and the letters on the wall were an indicator as they went from largest to smallest. Now I have learned that an eye exam is different than a vision screening. How ever both are important to the health of your eyes.

Today I want to discuss and share the example of the master Optometrist ability to examine, control, correct and heal your sight.

We must however determine the sight of vision that we are addressing today if you are looking at me you are blessed to have your sight. This means that God has enable your eyes to do what they do by transforming light impulses to the brain and delivering the images. As we have determined over years of discovery our bodies contain the most advanced technology in that its complex operation of various organs and senses baffle our understanding.

In our text we are introduced to a the King of Syria (who was an Armean named Ben-Had ad)
They were practicing guerilla warfare which meant this type of warfare was like hit and run. They’d attack periodically and destroy Israel bit by bit. Well Israel had a man of God praying for them named Elisha
Elisha was the servant of Elijah and the one who received the double portion, who saw Elijah carried away in the chariot to heaven this Elisha who was given to do more than Elijah, was in the camp with his servant.

This same Elisha healed Naaman in Chapter 5 of which his servant Gehazi was fired, this is important. Gehazi was in line for the blessings and the benefits of serving the man of God but forfeited by his greed in 5:16/20. this is important because we often forfeit our blessings because of disobedience and the belief that we are getting away with something. But God knows all and sees all.

Since Gehazi was plagued with leprosy Elisha had a new servant here in Chapter 6 his name is not given. Like many of us when we come into the knowledge of Christ and God we haven’t been around long enough to have experienced the power and deliverance of God this was this servants condition immature and unaware to the thing of God.

In our text this guerilla warfare was frustrating the King of Syria because it would seem every time they set ambushes against Israel this caused the: Lord to Give (In-sight) to Elijah in the spirit which he would inform the King of Israel what BenHadad,s plans were and every time the King of Aram would try to attack he was unsuccessful because of the (fore-sight) of Elijah and obedience of the King of Israel.

After some time the King of Aram was so frustrated he began to inquire as to who was a trader or spy in his camp that the Israelites knew their