Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
1 Corinthians 15:57-58

INTRO: The 26th Olympic games are in Atlanta this summer, and excitement over this event runs from Miami, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska.

Who will win the gold? Who will come home with the medals? Whose childhood desire to be an Olympian will become a reality? Whose thousands of hours of training, endurance in spite of multiple injuries, and single-willed dedication to pursuing the Olympic dream will pay off?

Which champions will be idolized, made into national icons, and receive millions of dollars for endorsing popular products? These questions will be answered soon.

We Americans have great hopes for our countryís athletes and will be cheering them on. In the Olympic Spirit, we will applaud the victorious efforts of all the athletes, regardless of their nationality.

Many of us fondly remember past Olympics. We recall memorable performances by gymnasts like Olga Korbut and Mary Lou Retton; swimmers like Mark Spitz; runners like Carl Lewis. Who will be the new champions of these Olympics games? The world waits to find out.

ILLUS: A reporter once asked Tom Landry, successful coach of the Dallas Cowboys, ďWhat makes a champion?Ē His answer was power-packed. He said, ďA champion is simply someone who didnít give up when he wanted to.Ē He went on to explain: ďSuccess is not accidental. We learn how to achieve.Ē

Tom Landry further explained the power of positive action by saying, ďIíd like to list four short steps that I think it takes to be a champion in the field of sports. 1. Faith. Itís believing that you can win. 2. Training. The Cowboys work out four times a week. They lift millions of tons of iron each season. They run many miles to win. 3. Goals. All winning teams set high goals. 4. You must possess the will to reach the goal you set for yourself. This is probably the most important quality of all champions.

No doubt Tom Landry got these four steps straight out of his experience as a Christian. What we have here is a formula that will succeed, not only in sports, but more importantly in the Olympics of life!


See Acts 16:31. You cannot believe it unless you receive it. Itís not enough to have it in your head. Itís not enough to say it with your mouth. Itís only enough when you believe it in your heart! Do you believe it? Is your trust in Jesus Christ? Have you placed your confidence in Him?

People who win trust Christ; those who lose trust themselves. People who win love Christ; those who lose love this world. People who win follow Christ; those who lose follow the crowd. People who win seek Christís approval; those who lose seek manís applause. Winning involves believing.


Faith saves from sin, death, Hell, and a meaningless life. It saves to eternal life, Heaven, meaning purpose, fulfillment. Hebrews 11:6 NIV says, ďWithout faith it is impossible to please GodĒ. God is pleased when