The Fear of Failure

Diamonds in the rough often go unrealized because they don’t think they are diamonds, they don’t have an advocate to encourage them, so the fear of failure ruins the confidence that leads to success. The greatest days and moods are quickly forgotten with one minute of depression.
One must be realistic that they have the talent to be successful in their pursuits, and Desire is Eighty percent of the accomplishment.
Being negative is easy; it requires no work because it comes natural. All you have to do to fail is nothing. On the other hand being positive isn’t as easy; it requires work. Optimism in the face of adversity is difficult and is hard to find in this day and age.
Apathy is the rule of today along with self gratification. They are the ingrediance of fear and without hope are best served cold. Not so with a positive attitude. You must strive to maintain it constantly going against the flow when everything around you says forget it, there’s no hope.
With Christ everything is different. You cannot find anything negative nor do you ever find Him without hope. He is the light that gives us hope and an example to stay positive in the most dire circumstances. You would never hear him say, “No I can’t.” There is only, “Yes I can.”
Successful people do not have the word no in their vocabulary either as far as their talents go. There is only, “Yes I can, and I won’t stop until I do.” One of my Favorite movies was Apollo 13. The mission control commander Gene Kranz never lost focus when one of the oxygen tanks exploded on the space craft and the astronauts lives were in danger. “Do what ever you have to do to get them home. We’ve never lost an American in space and it’s not going to happen on my watch.” “Failure is not an option!”
We must find our vision from God. It’s usually found in what ever spiritual gift He’s given us. I believe the body of Christ is dependent on this and the harvest will never be reaped nor will the fullness come unless we grasp what it means to lose the fear of failure, and bring a return on His investment in us instead of burying it and succumbing to spiritual paralysis,
Tom Miller.