A Follower of Jesus

Scripture Reading: Luke 9:23-27; 57-62.
What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? What
does it take in order to follow him? What are the
requirements for be one of His? Does have your name on
the roll at a church make you a follower of Christ? Does
being a faithful supporter of a church make you a follower
of Christ? Does coming to church make you a follower of
Christ? All of these questions are very important issues
that one must deal with if they desire to be a follower of
Jesus when he was here on earth dealt very
specifically with these questions. You see, when he was
here on earth he had lots of “followers”. Jesus performed
miracles and did many other signs and wonders and he
naturally drew a crowd. You’ve seen it happen before. If
someone seems to have great ability or is of great
personality or something, they will draw crowds. Jesus
drew the crowds. He had a lot of “followers” who were
just after what they could get from him. As long as he was
healing their diseases and filling their stomachs they
would follow him everywhere, but when it came down to
truly dedicated their hearts and lives to him, the list of
“followers” grew mighty short. In the Scripture reading
that I would like for us to examine closer this morning,
Jesus gives us the terms and the tests of discipleship.
Let’s read Luke 9:23-27 and 57-62 together this morning
and see what it has for us today.
There are five things from this passage of scripture
that I would like to notice about a True Follower of Jesus.
Notice with me:

I. To Be a Follower of Jesus You Must Count the Cost.
v. 23, 62.
All throughout this passage of Scripture Jesus is
emphasizing the fact that if you truly are going to follow
him you must count the cost. You see, it costs something
to follow Christ. There is a price that you are going to
have to pay to follow him. Jesus told the rich young ruler
to sell all that he had and give it to the poor, but the rich
young ruler went away sorrowful. You see, there is a cost
to serving Jesus. He says in verse 23 of our scripture
today that you must deny yourself, take up your cross daily
and follow him.
There is more to being a Christian than just saying
you believe in him. Jesus had a lot of people who followed
him around, but most of them were not true followers of
him. Most of them weren’t willing to count the cost and
take up their cross and follow him.
Friends, I am here to tell you this morning that if you
truly take up your cross and follow him. If you truly
decide to follow Christ, there is going to be some cost
involved. This world is no friend of Grace, people of this
world will mock you and make fun of you. Look what
they did to Jesus, they mocked him, spit on him, if they did
it to him, they will do it to us. When you become a
disciple of Christ, there will be cost involved. It may mean
giving up some