itís your religion..... you come to church every Sunday.... you do all the things you
think your suppossed to do..... you put your tithe in the offering plate, you pray and read
your Bible from time to time when you remember that thatís what your suppossed to do...
but you donít feel anything... you feel like your just going through the motions..... you
donít like hearing these testimonies, because you know you donít have one.......

Thereís alot of dead ends in this life. The truth is life is empty when itís lived without the
One who created it, who created you with a purpose and plan in mind..... If your trying to
live life without Knowing and Serving Christ..... your going to end up stuck, and the end
of a dead end road wondering how did I get here, and how do I get out of here....

Now you may find distractions that keep you occupied, you may find ways to take your
mind off the fact that your at a dead may find someway to medicate the pain for
a time being... but the truth is when you lay your head down every night....... you know
your empty... you know thereís got to be something more to life than what you have....

Iím here to tell you this Morning, Your right, there is... and friends... itís not a religion.....
thereís alot of religious people that are the most miserable, the most trapped people youíll
ever find..... When Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago, some of his biggest critics were
the religious people of his day.... Jesus didnít die on the cross so you could be religious....
He died so you could have a Relationship with Him.... thereís a big difference.

This morning we didnít invite you here to tell you about New Hope Church of the
Nazarene, and what a great organization we have, and how if you will get involved in this
church your going to feel better..... thatís not why we get together for Worship.... were
here for one reason....Because we are passionate about Jesus Christ in our lives..... Were
here to Worship the One who has saved us from our Dead End lives.... we have prayed for
you... we have invited you this morning because we want you to know that God is a God
of New Beginnings... and that He promises you and Me a New Life, a New Beginning
when we put our Faith and Trust In Christ..... not a religion.... a person... His name is

Do you know How much Jesus really cares about You?
Iím going to read a passage from a book written by Max Lucado, the title of the
book is ďthe GiftĒ.... Max Lucado is one of the most inspired writers Iíve ever read...
listen to what he writes as He talks about Christ and how much Christ Loves you.... even
as He faced the Cross.... He was thinking of you....

Can I ask you a question this morning? What do you have to lose by giving God a
chance to Prove Himself to you? You donít have anything to lose, but you have
everything to gain!

You have a heavenly Father who so loved you... It really doesnít matter what