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“The God Of the Mountain Is Still God In The Valley” 1Kings 20:23-27.
Have you ever faced a valley before? Where it seemed that you were out numbered, surrounded, and were completely and totally helpless. .This is how Israel felt this day. The tear before Ben hadad had brought 32 kings and their armies against Samaria, and God brought a wonderful victory. But now Ben Hadad is back. A servant had convinced him that Israel’s God is a God of mountaintops, but their gods are gods of the valley. If they could get Israel into a battle in the valley, they would be victorious.
Israel is so out-numbered that they look like 2 small herds of sheep, While Ben hadads army cover the whole valley. Could you imagine the fear that gripped the hearts of the army of Israel? Discouragement and despair must have filled their minds. Thoughts of giving up; Surrender must have been the discussion of the day. But God was not going to stand for the idea that His presence was limited to the mountain tops.
Many times in our lives we find ourselves in the middle of the valley, We are weak, tired, empty and alone. We feel so far from the presence and the anointing of God. And when we call on Him we feel like we get a busy signal.
ILL: We are like the man who went to the Doctor;
The Doctor says to the patient I have bad news, and I have worse news.
The patient says ok lets have it.
The Doctor says the bad news is that you only have 24 hrs to live!.
The patient says I can’t imagine what could be worse than that!!
The doctor replies I forgot to tell you yesterday.
But I want you to Know today that God is not only the God of the mountain but He is God of every valley that you will face in your life.
1. A Valley is a place of Trial.
(A) The valley is the place that our faith is put to the test.(1Peter 1:6-7)
(B) The valley is hard( Psalm 84:5-6)
Baca means place of weeping;
A valley in Palestine, Full of thorns and brush.
God will care for them in the valley.
God will bring them out.
Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy Comes in the morning. (ps 30:5)
© When you are standing on the mountain tops the Power of God fills your Spirit.
1. Nothing like those services where the anointing is so great
Souls being saved.
People being baptized in the Holy Ghost.
Many slain in the sprit.
We need those mountain top experiences.
2. The saint of God needed the mountain top experiences.
Peter, James, john. Needed Encouragement for the days ahead.
Moses Mountain tops.
Needed direction for what God called Him to do.
Moses didn’t even know how to refer to God.
He needed encouragement to face Pharaoh.
3. But as much as we would like to we can’t live on the mountain tops.
We experience these wonderful mountain tops to prepare us for our valleys.
D In the valley our faith is stretched. (John 11)
1. Mary and Martha were in a valley
Lazarus was sick
They called for Jesus
He delayed His coming
Martha and Mary both said If you only….”