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Text: Luke 23:33; 39-43
Message: “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

I. Introduction
A. The Movie; The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
1. A famous Civil War Western that came out in 1966
2. Starring the rising star Clint Eastwood
3. Came on with that famous music…..

B. The Story opened introducing the main characters
1. First, the Ugly...named Tuco, played by Eli Wallach
2. Next the Bad…named Sentenza,…..Lee Van Cleef
3. Finally, the Good...referred as Blondie….Clint Eastwood
4. It is a well known story and liked by most who watch.

C. The Text: We see the same three on Calvary’s Hill
1. We see 3 men being crucified on crosses.
2. 3 men are introduced to us.
3. 3 men being punished for crimes, but one not guilty!
4. 3 Men; The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

II. The Scene Opens
A. Setting the scene
1. The text opens: 3 men being led to be crucified! (vs. 32)
2. They reach a place called “The Skull”…..(vs. 33)
3. The 3 men are then “crucified”
a. The worse way to die
b. The death of a criminal
c. The most painful and cruelest way to die!

B. First: The Ugly
1. Definition: Random House Dictionary offers 5 definitions;
a. unattractive; unpleasant; morally revolting; danger; mean
2. Thief on the left was Ugly! (vs. 39)
a. His words were selfish and mean!
b. His attitude unattractive
c. his heart was morally revolting
d. he lived a very unpleasant life! Sinful and rebellious!
e. his soul was in danger of Hell!
3. Many people are like him….UGLY!!!...God don’t like Ugly!
a. Their lives are waisted and filled with sin.
b. They are cruel and mean, hateful and rebellious
c. They do not know who Jesus is...thus in Danger of HELL!
4. They can be saved, they can be helped….but for their pride

B. Second; The Bad
1. Definition: several definitions...but I want to use just 4
a. not good in any manner; disobedient; contrite; regretful
2. The Thief on the right represents…..the Bad!
a. he was not good...he lived a sinful life like the other.
b. he was disobedient to God’s laws!
c. yet he was contrite about what he had done!
d. he regretted his sins and sought forgiveness.
3. He recognized that his punishment was just!
4. He recognized that the middle man was innocent and special
a. He turned to the man in the middle for help.
b. he confessed his sin and sought forgiveness
c. he died a cruel death, but step into heaven with Jesus!
5. Some possess the mind and heart of the Bad!
a. they lost in sin, or still playing with it.
b. they are not good….”there is none righteous….”
c. but they come to there senses and saw their sin…
d. the confessed to God