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The Great Blessing Of Not Having Jesus With Us


Sermon shared by Gordon Weatherby

June 2012
Summary: We think how blessed it would have been to walk and talk with Jesus2,000 years ago. Jesus told his disciples that it would be better for him to go away than to stay. This message explores why it is a greater blessing to not have Jesus with us today. Th
Audience: Believer adults
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Is. 7:14
B.) Isaiah went on to describe the impact it would have on the world for God to be with us in a physical person of Jesus.
ba.) Is. 9:1a., 2, 6-7
baa.) Isaiah paints for us a powerful picture of the blessing of that day of Immanuel – “God with us.”
bab.) It was the picture of a then future world of God in fellowship with man.
bb.) Certainly there were many aspects of this prophecy that would be revealed when Jesus came the first time.
bc.) There are other aspects of this prophecy that will be fulfilled when Jesus comes back the second and final time.
bd.) But regardless of when these aspects would be fulfilled regarding God with us, the reality of the human race is that the world is a different place because of Jesus coming into this world as God with us.
bda.) Through the person of Jesus the world came to know God.
5.) The fulfillment of Isaiah`s prophecy came 750 years later at Bethlehem.
A.) A young couple named Mary and Joseph was engaged to be married, and Mary was found to be pregnant.
aa.) Joseph had considered divorcing her because of her pregnancy.
ab.)Matt. 1:20-23
B.) From that day on for the next 33 years, the world had the experience of knowing what it was like to have “God with us.”
ba.) Jesus said “Whoever has seen me, has seen the Father.”
bb.) Particularly for the final three and a half of those years the world experienced the fullness of God with us.
bc.) Perhaps many, if not all of us stand envious of those first century people who had the experience of having God with them.
bca.) From our present vantage point we could say there would have been nothing any more special than to have walked and talked with Jesus, and to have seen him perform miracles.
6.) But according to the Words of Jesus there was something better than to have God with us.
A.) John 16:5-7
aa.) Jesus knew the days the world could have the presence of “God with us” would soon come to an end.
B.) As great of a privilege as it was to have God with us, the cross brought an end to the physical presence of God with us.
C.) From the time of the cross (or perhaps Pentecost) onward the Bible no longer speaks of God With us.
ca.) After the cross the Bible has an entirely new terminology to speak of man`s relationship with God.
cb.) That brings me to my second point:
1.) Jesus himself predicted that God would live within man.
A.) John 14:16-20
aa.) verse 17 Jesus said the Holy Spirit would live in us.
ab.) Verse 20 Jesus said: am in you.
2.) The Apostle Paul stated God was in us.
A.) If we abide in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit lives within us.
aa.) Rom. 8:9
ab.) Certainly, this is a concept that is difficult to comprehend.
aba.) It is hard for us to believe that the God who created all things is able to make His dwelling place in the heart of man.
3.) But God wants to abide in us as His holy temple.
A.) Not only is God within us, but, God has chosen us to be His holy temple.
aa.) I Cor. 6:19-20
bb.) Paul tells us that because our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, we are to honour God with our bodies.
bba.) Such knowledge gives us a new consciousness for every aspect of our life and being in this present body.
4.) God is within us, and wants to empower us.
A.) Eph.
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