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The Christian Faith (The Holy Spirit) Week 1
1. The Spirit’s Divine Personality
Jn. 14:17-18
Copyright 2005 by Bob Marcaurelle

“The wind blows where it want to; and you do not know where it comes from or where it is going. It is just like this with everyone born (converted) by the Spirit.” (Jesus to Nicodemas)- John 3

A. The Divine Person- The Touch of God

1. The touch like Spirit, Breath and Wind
Jesus said when a person converts to Christianity, it is the Holy Spirit touching them like the wind touches a tree. On a calm, spring day you can see the leaves of a huge tree lying still and motionless. Suddenly, that all changes. You see nothing that causes it; but in an instant, every leaf on that tree is moving. It has been touched by the wind. The Hebrew and Greek words for wind, breath and spirit are identical-ruah in the Hebrew and pneuma in the Greek. As the breath of God moves a tree, so does His breath, His wind, His Spirit- move you and me. The Spirit is like the breath of God that comes to us from the unknown. The Holy Spirit, like a gentle wind, or sometimes like a strong hurricane, is God touching our lives.

2. The touch of the Trinity
Third Person of the Trinity The Three-fold nature of God is not a proposition we can understand and explain. It is the way we fallible human beings encounter and get to know God. The Father is the uncreated Creator, above and beyond any concept we have of Him; and whose nature we cannot even imagine. He told Moses no human being could see him and live. This God communicates who He is to human beings, through His “Word”; his “eternal Son”; who became a human being in Jesus (Jn. 1:14). In Him we see God living with us and sacrificing His life for us. That is why the NT says God, “purchased the church with His own blood.” (Acts 20) When He encounters or touches human beings, it is through His eternal Spirit (Heb. 9:14). This was true when Jesus walked the earth because when Peter proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah, Jesus told him this knowledge came from the Father. And it came through the Holy Spirit.

3. The touch of Jesus and God the Father
The Holy Spirit is God touching us and Jesus Christ touching us. That is why He is called both “the Spirit of God” (1 Cor. 6:11, etc.) and “the Spirit of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:19).

4. A Holy Touch
David, in his great prayer for forgiveness, after he committed adultery and murder, is the first person to call Him the “Holy” Spirit (Ps. 51). Jesus adopted this and it is now the favorite designation. The term means “separate”, and certainly it means the Spirit is pure and sinless, like Jesus, separated from all that is evil or unloving. But it also points to the utter separateness of the great God beyond the universe.

5. A Personal Touch
It goes without saying that the Holy Spirit is not a power or influence, like love or electricity. In Scripture