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comes when we have to demonstrate that same love to those who donít think like me, and do things that I donít like and I may not get along with that person.
c. How about in church? We basically believe the same thing thatís why weíre here, but we donít all think the same.
d. Can we still love each other the same in spite of our different ways of thinking? WE have to.
e. If we are fighting among each other, are we demonstrating the FRUIT
f. Some Christians over emphasize the gifts of the Spirit and make some of the gifts a standard to know whether we have the Spirit or not.
g. If you donít speak in tongues you donít have the Spirit, if you donít heal, if you donít perform great miracles, etc.
h. But what about the FRUIT and the fruits of the Spirit?
i. That was the way I was taught to counter these believers with the Bible.
j. Iíve realized that this was a way to cover another problem Ė ours.
k. While it is true that the gifts of the Spirit are nothing if we donít have LOVE.
l. But it is also true that just because we obey the commandments we donít necessarily have the Holy Spirit.
m. Having the Spirit is not jumping and shouting in church and neither is it to be right in everything and try to do everything perfectly.
n. How do we truly show that we have the Spirit? By our love and our love is shown through the fruits and then God can entrust us with the gifts of the Spirit.
a. We are loving but we have limited the Spirit
b. We can love a lot more be we need listen to the Spirit and follow His promptings.
c. We are loving when:
i. Even when it may seem that someone is trying to hurt us, but we donít jump to conclusions saying that that person doesnít like me. Give the benefit of the doubt.
ii. We donít go by first impressions
iii. Not believing anything I am told about somebody else until I know myself
iv. Even if someone is against me, always speak positively about that person.
v. In church
1. Even if we donít agree on an issue, we still can love each other and not go behind his back and talk bad about them.
2. Even if I donít get called from the nominating committee I still love them
3. We consider each other family
4. When we can hear some counsel and receive with gratitude and not take it as criticism.
5. When we visit, call and pray for each other.
6. Even when someone is not fulfilling their responsibility like they should we still love them.
7. When we live what we sing
8. When we see others through the eyes of Christ.
9. We are loving only when we allow Godís love to come over us not only in a sermon or a song, but every moment and every day.
IX. Our greatest need
a. No to fix the church
b. Not to have two churches merge into one
c. Not to have the ideal pastor
d. Not to have everything organized perfectly
e. Our greatest need is the indwelling of the Spirit that fills our hearts with more love for God and for our neighbors and then we will be Christians that speak in the power of the Spirit,