Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
-I love the Psalms
-I know few who do not love the Psalms
-Within them we fin much manna to the soul
-They are full of praises and encouragement
-Yet, they are also full of motivation and instruction
-The Psalm we will look at tonight is such
-Psalm 15:1-5
-The Psalmist starts out by asking two questions
-Who may abide in the Lordís Tabernacle?
-Who may dwell in Godís holy hill?
-He concludes the Psalm with the statement that he who does the things included in the Psalm shall never be moved
-In between, we have 8 concepts that make one immovable and open the opportunities to both abide in the Lordís Tabernacle and dwell in Godís holy hill

I. Walking Uprightly
-Weíre talking here about more than simply good physical posture
-Weíre talking here about good spiritual posture
A. Head held high to God
-Not down to the earth
-Which is not our home
B. Chest hold out with no regret
C. Shoulders back with no fear

II. Working Righteously
-Seeking to rectify social evils
-The Wesleyan Church since its inception has always taken social action as one of its main tenants
-Though in more recent years, less so
A. Righting racial, gender and political injustices
-Illegal Immigration
1. See them through Godís eyes
a. Hurting or oppressed
b. Poor
c. Hopeless
2. See them as a mission field
3. Render properly to Caesar and to God
B. Speaking up for the unborn
C. Protecting the environment

III. Speaking Truthfully
-We live in an age of lies
-Of course we know that one of the Ten Commandments deals with lying
-Actually, about bearing false witness against our neighbor
-But there are many ways one can actually lie besides outright lying
A. Half-truths are no truths
-ďWell, sort of. . .Ē
B. Misleadings are tantamount to perjury
-Letting others make the wrong assessment knowingly
C. Silence can be damning
-Pleading The 5th

IV. Treating Respectfully
A. No backbiting with the tongue
B. No evil to neighbor
-We are to love our enemies even
-Good Samaritan
C. No reproach against a friend
-This would be doing something to cause them shame

V. Despising The Vile Person
-Note: This does not mean hating the person
-Only hating the evil they do
A. On some occasions it is easy to despise vileness when it arises
1. Homosexuality
2. Murder
3. Theft
4. Rape / incest
5. Extortion
B. On other occasions, we often sit back and let the vileness take place without flinching
1. God being disdained
-Taking His name in vain
2. Christian values being mocked
3. Minor sinfulness
-We like to categorize sin

VI. Honoring The Godly
-What a treasure we have when we look at the saints who have paved the way for us and taught us so much
-We need to honor them more than just at their funerals
-Let them know they are an example to you
A. Let them know how