So often we find ourselves thinking about God in terms of man. We put up artificial barriers to what He can do, when He can do it, and to or for whom He will do it. This passage of scripture however tells the story of two people that were very different in their lives and circumstances yet God did the same thing for and through both.

Three things God did to or through these two peopleÖ

1. Life was given (v. 33-34, v. 40)

a. Aeneas was physically alive but spiritually dead, we know this because he was referred to as ďa certain manĒ. This can be contrasted with how Dorcas is referred to as well as how Cornelius is referred to in chapter 10. It seems clear that Aeneas believed that Jesus the Christ healed him since he got up as commanded. We can infer then that in his belief he was made spiritually alive.

b. Dorcas was physically dead, yet spiritually alive, we know this because she was referred to as ďa certain discipleĒ. Since Jewish custom would have demanded an almost immediate burial, it is clear that the other disciples present expected God to do something great for Dorcas since they placed her in an upper room to wait for Peter. God did not disappoint and gave her physical life back.

2. Labor was restored (v. 34, v. 36, 39)

a. Aeneas had been paralyzed for eight years and yet as soon as he was healed he was told to resume work immediately by making his bed.

b. Dorcas had labored for many years serving those around her and her work would be dearly missed. God returned a precious servant to the Church at Joppa.

3. The Lost were saved (v. 35, v. 42)

Despite the very different lives and circumstances of these individuals, God used what He did through them to be a witness and testimony for Himself so that others would turn to Him