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burdens of life,
to never have hardships, trials, and tribulation,
but rather to be victorious by His blood over the greatest enemy, eternal separation, is something we all must be cognizant of. For everything that transpires, everything that occurs, everything that happens in the life of God’s Children does not happen apart from His knowledge and His direct or permissive decree. We do not live in a vacuum, out of eyesight and earshot of the Lord, for David tells us that the "eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry" (Psalm 34:15).


Because of your general theme, WHY BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE, I know there will be a great deal said off Job and his calamities throughout this week, so tonight, I am going to extract some intricate details from the verses I have been assigned, as to not step on everybody else’s lessons, which, as the preachers in this audience can tell you tonight, can be very easy to do.

I want to look briefly at three things tonight. I want us to consider:

I. JOB’S GRIEF (verse 20)
II. JOB’S PIETY (verse 20,21)
III. JOB’S VICTORY (verse 21)

Ya’ll got time for this tonight?


The text assigned to me begins by saying "Then Job arose." But before we can understand the significance of the "Then" we need to understand "When" the "Then" was. We’re talking about Job’s grief. After the Heavenly Conference and Heavenly Challenge, here comes some Divine calamities in the life of Job. I call these Divine because they did not originate in the depths of the pits of hell, but these calamities came forth from the very throne room of God as God allowed Satan to begin systematically tearing down the hedge that God had previously erected around His servant Job. All in an effort to get Job to curse God.

• In verse number 14 and 15 he loses all his oxen and asses, and some servants.
• in verse number 16 he loses all his sheep, and some more servants.
• In verse number 17 he loses all his camels, and some more servants.
• In verse number 18 he loses all his sons and all his daughters...

and these things did not occur over a period of a few years or a few months or even a few days, but the operative phrase sandwiched between each calamity was "while he was yet speaking," which indicates that all of these things, all of these calamities, all of these troubles, all of this sorrow, all of these burdens came crashing in on Job at one time...
Are you hearing what I’m saying?
I am talking tonight to modern man who gets frustrated and at wit’s end when the doorbell rings and the phone rings and the baby cries and the children are hitting one another, and there’s food burning on top of the stove, all at the same time...I’m wanting you to comprehend, if you can, when the then came in Job’s grief! As everything he loved came crashing down right before his eyes, it is then that JOB AROSE!

His nature