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his healing.

Jesusí Command.

The man has been healed. He has accepted Jesusí invitation for help and has believed and been restored, and yet we find that when questioned he doesnít still know who Jesus is. He has been touched but not yet come into the knowledge of his healer. The reason for this is not that the man is ungrateful but the fact that Jesus immediately slipped away into the crowd. Jesus however does not leave him in this state but looks for him again and finds him in the temple. After showing His mercy and love, Jesus now warns him abruptly. "See you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you."

Jesus now commands obedience. He makes it very clear that this mans illness has been due to sin. The bible tells us that suffering has many sources and reasons. It can be suffering to prove or test our faith, as in the case of Job, suffering that is sent to bring improvement, as Paul describes in Hebrews, suffering that shows Gods glory, as in the healing of the blind man, or suffering as a punishment for sin as is this case here. In speaking in this way Jesus shows that he has the power to offer mercy, but if that is rejected, also has the power to bring judgement. Jesus, all too often is described as a God of love, without mentioning the fact that He is also a God of Judgement who demands Holiness.

The man is threatened with something worse happening. Something that is worse than being a helpless invalid in despair for 38 years of his life. In this instance we see the man soon disobeying Jesus and betraying Him to the authorities. This is in stark contrast to the story of the blind man where he defends Jesus fearlessly in front of the Pharisees. The blind man, after being interrogated by the Pharisees who were trying to get him to say Jesus was a sinner for healing on the Sabbath replied, in John 9:32-33
"Nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind. If this man were not from God, he could do nothing." Yet Jesus chose to heal both men. He showed even more grace and mercy in healing the lame man who would betray Him, than he did the blind man who would defend Him.


Why is the story of how Jesus healed one man two thousand years ago relevant to us today? It is because He shows the same mercy and deals with us in the same way as he dealt with that one lame man then. I believe that in these few verses is a great insight into how Jesus is able to touch our lives and heal us.

Our State.

In the same way that the man at the pool needed healing, we too need that touch. After years of trying to live our lives our way we find ourselves in a tangled mess. What things are you doing that you know you shouldnít? What addictions or problems are you facing that you donít know how to deal with? Do you suffer with the guilt of the hurt you have caused to other people? Have you got any bitterness? Are you hurting today because of what others have done to you?