And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord, Israel is my son, even my firstborn:
C. God came in human form that He might establish kinship with us for the purpose of relating to us so that he might restore our relationship with God, which we lost through sin.

II. He died to redeem us.
A. His coming didnít redeem us. He had to die.
B. The Sacrificial lamb.
C. Redemption is a financial term, which means that Christ paid the wages that Satan had me locked up on, that freed me.
D. ďYe were not redeemed with corruptible thingsÖĒ
1. Because He died to redeem me, you have a terrible time convincing me that Iím worthless.
2. My Net Worth can not be calculated by my possession.
E. Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So.
F. Iím redeemed; past tenseÖit is finished.

III. He lives to represent us.
A. Hebrews 7:25 Ö he ever liveth to make intercession for them.
B. He continues to occupy the office of High Priest so He can intercede on my behalf and represent me in the portals of Glory.
C. Iíve got a Man on the inside of the Board Room of Heaven that represents me.
D. He is in Heaven that which my Congressman is supposed to be in Congress.
1. He represents my interests and my affairs.
2. Many times, hell would have destroyed me, but I had a man on the inside pleading my case.
3. Every time the devil brings accusations against me, Jesus defends me in Heaven.
E. If you ever got a break through and couldnít even figure out what happened. It was because there was a man in glory that was pleading your case.
1. The enemy didnít destroy you.
2. The car wreck didnít kill you.
3. The disease didnít eat you up.
4. The witch couldnít hex you.
5. You Had A Man Up Stairs.

IV. ďThe Man Up StairsĒ
A. Humanity Created in the image of God.
1. Marred by sin.
2. Lost godliness, took on ungodliness.
3. When we fell, we lost our likeness and kinship with God, our relativity and our relationship.
4. We fell so low that we couldnít ever get back up to God.
5. So God came down to us. He said, ďSince you canít come up to being like me, Iíll come down to being like you.Ē
a. He came down, through 42 generations.
b. He came down, through the oracles of time.
c. He came down, through the mouth of the prophets
d. He came down, through the tabernacles and the temples.
e. He came down and found a virgin named Mary.
f. He came down and wrapped Himself in a garment of flesh, in the form of a servant.
g. He said, ďSince you couldnít be like God, Iíll be like man. Iíll become flesh.Ē
1) In the beginning was the wordÖand the word was made flesh.
h. Iím saved, and the devil canít mess with my soul.
i. He became man for us, so He could represent us as our High Priest.
1) But the problem with being a High Priest is that every High Priest must have an offering.
2) Christ was the only High Priest who went into the Holy Of Holies without another animal.
3) He went in by Himself, With Himself.
4) He was the offerer,