The Most Dangerous Thing in the World Ė James 3:3-12
Gladstone Baptist Church Childrenís Service Ė 21/11/04

Boys and Girls, today I think that I have done something either really brave or something really silly. In this box, is one of the most dangerous things in the whole world . I have really tough time getting it in there and was really lucky that it didnít tear me to shreds.

But now that Iím here, I donít know whether I should have brought it along. What if it escapes Ė I donít know that our insurance policy is enough to cover the damage that this thing could do if it got loose and let its power be let loose.

Itís been behaving itself all morning and I think that it will be alright Ė Iíll just check to see Ö

Do you want to know what Iíve got in this box? Do you want to see it?

Oh Oh Ė itís stirring Ė I donít think this is very wise at all. I think I better just take it home now. I donít want it to hurt you - Is that all right?

What you still want to see it?

Okay, letís see if we can just quieten it down a bit and put it to sleep and then maybe I can show it to you safely Ö I know Ė letís sing rock a bye baby to it Ė to try to calm it down.

Look, I think it is working, but we need more people to sing Ė lets do it once again and get everyone to sing with usÖ

Okay, I think it is asleep Ė let me check Ė Yep.

Okay Ė you still want to know what it is.

I want 3 volunteers to come up here, put your hand inside the box, have a feel Ė gently!!!! And see if you can guess what it is.

Any guesses? Letís see if a grown up can guess.

No Idea?

Okay Ė Iíll show you Ė lets sing rock a bye baby once more, just to be on the safe side Ö

A Tongue Ė An Ox Tongue Now doesnít that look dangerous does it? Just gross. But I donít want to talk about this cowís tongue here today, I want to talk about your tongue. Do you all have a tongue Ė show me. Why donít you turn around and show your Mumís and Dadís your tongue. Now I think it is our turn to see their tongues. Just to make sure they have one.

You know, our tongue is dangerous Ė one of the most dangerous things in all the world and this morning I want to tell you why this morning. I want to actually tell you 3 things here this morning and I want to see if you can remember them. Mums and Dads have a handout which they can write things on to help them to remember things, but I donít think you need to write it down, because you are more clever than them donít you think!!!! Now to help us find out these 3 things, we are going to play some hang man. Do you all know how to play?

1) The first reason why our tongues are so dangerous is that although it is small it is POWERFUL
Did you know that small things are powerful? Just look at me Ė small but strong!!! Not convinced?

No? Okay - let me ask you a few questions
Who has ever been on a ship? How big was
David Koehrsen
February 11, 2008
First of all thanks. What a great sermon. I preached it at Pioneers for Christ Yukon day's event. The boys flipped out when I took the tongue out of the box. The next night I asked what were the three things that they learned and the all said POWER, CAN'T TAME, GOOD & EVIL.