you’re going to die. And here in 2 Peter, he’s explaining somehow God communicated to Peter that the time is going to be soon. Imagine what you would feel if you knew the time was running out, your life is about to be over, and not only that, but God told you the way you’re going to be dying, killed a torturous death. Peter doesn’t complain about it. He doesn’t say, ‘Why me?’ He just knows, ‘Hey, this is just the way it is.’

But what I want you to notice in this passage is what Peter wants to do with the last few moments of his life. See? Because if that were you, what would you do? If you know my life’s about over, and it’s crazy how some people answer this question. The things you would do if you knew you only had weeks or months to live. The things you would do, what would those things be? So you see, Peter says, ‘While I’m alive, while I’m here, he says it’s right for me to remind you of all these ways you ought to live.’ He says, ‘But God’s told me that I’m about to die.’ And so what he says in verse 15 [2 Peter 1], I’m going to “make every effort so that after my departure you may be able at any time to recall these things.” So Peter says, ‘I’m not going to be here to remind you this is how you’re supposed to live. This is what God said to do. He said I want to set you up. I want to make sure that once I’m gone, you’re still following God. You’ll be able to recall these things. You’ll know what God says, and you’ll be able to figure that on your own.’ It’s one of those things that really ought to be, for us as parents, should be our goal is that when we’re gone our kids know how to follow God on their own. I said years ago that the goal of parenting is to train our kids to be independently dependent on God, but somehow, we teach them to be independently dependent on God, that their relationship with God isn’t all about us. But somehow, we release them, and say you know you need to depend on God. You understand. You don’t need me anymore. You have His Word. You have Him. You have His Spirit. Now go. That’s the same thing Peter was saying to this church, to these followers who had been following him as an Apostle, these believers. He’s saying, ‘Look, you’re scattered everywhere or whatever, but I’m going to be gone soon. And I’ll keep reminding you of this stuff until it’s time to go, but I’m ready to die now. And so I’m going to make every effort to make sure you’re ok.’

This is one of the things that concerns me. I know that some of you, you’d be fine if I were gone tomorrow. You would think, ‘Big deal.’ You have your time with God. You’d be thinking, ‘Oh, it was cool having him around, but I’m not dependent on him.
Daniel C. Malloy of Apocolypse
March 3, 2015
Praise God, great sermon except the very end. DONT picture yourself, this is a type of hypnotism and contemplative prayer. This might be "picky" but I "tremble at His word"
Lisa Clark Santiago
June 30, 2013
What were the scripture he was going to put on the screen for everyone? I am not a pastor i was just watching this sermon on youtube and it didnt show the scripture to study. Thanks
Kathi Berry
February 14, 2015
Mathw 17 and 2 Peter 1-12