Ice Breaker: Do you like stories with happy endings?
Biblical Reading: Lucas 15:8-10

This parable is a story that had a happy ending just like the parable of the lost sheep. Both illustrate the indescribable mercy of God for the lost. In this story, the needy soul is compared with a lost coin.

a. In biblical times, the father of the groom would give a gift or a payment to the father of the bride, and this was delivered to his daughter as a gift. In the New Testament, the father of the bride gave his daughter certain quantity of coins, to these a hole was made by which a cord was crossed to unite them. The bride put them on her neck as if they were a necklace, or on her head as a decoration. These coins were of a lot of value for her and all the kept them time through her marriage. If the union did not function and was divorced, the coins represented the value of the woman. For this reason, the coins were very important for her.

b. A lost soul is of great esteem for God. The lost soul is compared with a lost coin.

a. But ¿How was it lost? Was the chord broken that once united them? Sin breaks the relationship with God. We "we move away" of Him because we feel guilty on account of sin. We react feeling anger, violence, depression and many other things, but if Christ "Finds the lost coin," and you are that "Coin," then what He is doing in reality is to absolve you of every fault.

b. God is delighted in all His works, but joys more in the works of grace. He is delighted in doing well to a sinner that repents of his bad works.

3. "And when she finds it, she gathers her friends and neighbors, and she says to them: Be happy with me; I found the coin that had been lost." (Lucas 15:9)
a. The woman wants others to be delighted with her. This comparison illustrates the desire of God that we rejoice with him when souls are saved. This is the joy is the revival that all the churches desire.
b. The woman celebrating with her neighbors shows us God. God is delighted with His church and with His angels for the salvation of a sinner (Luke 15:10). The soul loss is of great esteem for God.

This parable has a happy end of great joy. You want that your life have a happy ending? You feel full of fault and remorse? You should know that Christ died for you so that you would not be lost. Your life has no reason to be full of shame and desperation. The stories of the lives of the people that Jesus finds, always they have a happy ending.

What value has a soul for Christ?
Why does He insist so much in seeking us?
Who do you believe rejoices more, Jesus in finding us, or us because he found us?

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