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The Potter, The Clay, and The Church

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Nov 3, 2008

Summary: We know the role of the Potter and the role of the Clay, but what is the role of the Church? A revisit of the well known story as well as a study of the purpose of the church!


SERIES: “The Purpose of the Church” – Part 2

Part 1: Luke 14:25-35 “What Is the Cost of Discipleship”

- All believers are called into Discipleship

- There is a cost for discipleship

- All called but b/c of cost, many are not willing or (prepared) to pay the price

- Saw that One purpose of church is to prepare and encourage in that process

Part 2: Jeremiah – “The Potter, The Clay, The Church”

From 2006 – “The Potter and the Clay” – (adding the church’s purpose)

- Jeremiah a young prophet @ the age of 14

- to deliver message of disaster if people did not repent

- People began to plan his death to the point Jeremiah complains to God

- Jeremiah (sorry for the day he was born) – asked God for help

- People ignored warning & were sentenced to 70 years of captivity

The Characters of our Lesson – “The Potter, The Clay, The Church”

- God as a “Potter” – His Power and Part

- The Believer here as the “Clay” – his part and purpose

- Message directed to “Nation – People – Congregation”

- In OT – one people; Upon Christ – became local church from scattering

- God uses an Illustration – Potter and Clay – to prepare Jeremiah’s sermon

- A sermon to the House of Israel – the OT original Church

- A sermon with an application to the New Testament Church

The Passage - JEREMIAH 18:1-6


I found it interesting that Jeremiah must 1st go to the Potter’s House before the Lord would give Him his sermon. (a mental block – be at church or Bible study)

a) God uses the Potter’s House (probably a place he has seen daily) to teach…

b) God uses our circumstances to teach and prepare us for something to come!

c) And not just good but ALL THINGS as we looked last week.

Side Note of Caution

Sometimes because God is able to use all things for our good, we tend to blame God for all things – even bad things of satan – such as disease, sickness, death, etc.(things that God is NOT the cause of)


The MESSAGE is shown to Jeremiah. Jeremiah watches as the Potter begins to form the “pot”. Now He is ready! He is at the place and time where God needs Him to be.


“THEN the word…” (after listening, being available, and obeying)

Jeremiah had to be available for God to “prepare him for what was in store”.

Just as Jeremiah had … so you and I must do the same.

Now, there are many Lessons of Application for us…but today:


1. The Role of The Potter – The Artist - GOD

2. The Role of The Clay – The Masterpiece – The BELIEVER

3. The Role of The Church – The TEACHER


The potter gives full attention working with that helpless, ugly, messy piece of clay. His intent to transform that piece of marred clay into a piece of art – a masterpiece.

From vs 4, we see that the Potter has complete power -- is unlimited.

– can’t stop the potter

– can’t question his right or understanding

– can’t RESIST his will nor altar His plan.



Just as the potter worked the clay into a fashioned pot, so God can work and fashion you and I into his masterpiece. But GOD DOES THE FORMING!

Talk about it...

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Thank you.