Have you ever been on the way home and you get really hungry and know you have some cookies or a cupcake waiting on you when you get home. You get home and you get your cookie and it falls on the ground. So what do you do? You are really hungry and that was the last one. You pick it up and dust it off. When we were young we used to say things like GOD made dirt and dirt donít hurt. We dust it off and commence to eating that cookie. I am going to kiss this up to GOD.

When we fall down and get dirty, GOD will pick us up out of the muck and mire clay. He will pick us up out of our dirt, out of our mess. He will pick us up dust and dust us off and take us into himself. He is the GOD of one more chance. He is the GOD of another chance.

The book of Acts is written by Luke. It is often referred to as the second part of Luke. Both books are often combined by many theologians and called Luke-Acts. If you look at Acts Chapter one verse one the writer talks about the former treaties I have made with Theophilus. Letís turn to Luke Chapter one, verse 3. The writer was talking to the most excellent Theophilus. The word Theophilus simply means lovers of GOD. Luke by trade was a physician.

Author Written to Portrays Jesus
Matthew Jews The King of Jews
Mark Romans As a servant
Luke Greeks The son of man
John All believers The son of GOD.

The Book of Acts records

The Acts of the Apostles
The Acts of the Early Church
The Acts of the Holy Spirit

I want to talk to us about the Power of GOD but how to unleash the Power of GOD in your life. Itís amazing to me that we come to Church on Sunday and get happy, dance and shout and feel the anointing but Monday through Saturday we are depressed, oppressed and stressed. There is no way that we can feel his presence 24 hours a day but you ought to feel him every now and then.

One of GODís attributes or how we would describe GOD is that he is omnipotent, which means that GOD is all powerful.

There is no power greater than GODís Power. GODís Power is unlimited. There is no time of day, not a second, not a minute, not an hour when GOD is weaker than another time. I heard someone preach a sermon one time about when GOD was at his best and my response is that GOD is always at his best. There is no recorded time in history where GOD is weakened.
Not even when GOD the son died on the cross because he clearly stated that man does not have power over him except GOD give it to him but that he laid his life done.

GODís power is better than the energizer bunny because you wait after a while they will go out. Just wait until 3:00 oíclock in the morning and your smoke alarm battery goes out and you get that loud beep. Letís see if you think it keeps going on going. I have wanted to rip my smoke alarm right off the wall.

GODís power is glorious, his power is eternal, his power is unmatched.

With GODís power all things are possible. There is nothing too