Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
and beg Jesus to heal his son.

[C] He knew that somebody had to do something! He couldnít just set
Back and watch his beloved son die without trying to help him live.

(1) He was willing to do what he could.

(2) The only thing we read of him doing was going before Jesus on
behalf of his sick boy.

II. The Dying Son

[A] We donít really know what type of sickness it was that afflicted
this noblemanís son, but we do know that it was something that
those around him considered to be life threatening.

(1) There must have been some characteristics of his sickness that
were present upon other sick people to whom they had
witnesses their deaths.

(2) For twice our text emphasizes the fact that the son was ďat the
point of deathĒ in verse 47

And ďdyingĒ in verse 49


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III. The Bystanders

[A] There were many people that day that witnessed the exchange
between Jesus and the anxious father.

(1) However their motivation for following Jesus was much different
than that of the desperate father.

(2) This father had come to Jesus believing that if he could get Jesus
To go back home with him, that Jesus COULD HEAL his son.

[B] This crowd was not following Jesus to hear what he had to say, or
Because they believed upon Him and his Messiah-ship.

(1) They just wanted to see Him do something big.

(2) They wanted a headline.

[C] As the father was pleading for help they perked their eyes and ears
To see how Jesus would respond.

(1) Reckon He will make the long 20 mile journey down the

(2) Do you think he can help this man and his son?

(3) Oh I want to see how this is going to turn out!

[D] Jesus rebuked them;

John 4:48 (KJV)
48 Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.

[E] The Noblemanís response;

John 4:49 (KJV)
49 The nobleman saith unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die.

(1) All the crowd was concerned about was seeing signs and
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(2) The royal official could care less about witnessing a miracle. It
was his desperate need, not curiosity, that drove him to Jesus.

(3) God can still distinguish the difference between the curios and
the needy today.

IV. The Noblemanís Household

[A] This was an important man and so his household would included
his wife, his children, other relatives as well as his servants.

(1) Even this manís servants shared his concern for his son.

(2) All of his household was about to be changed for ever by his
Visit to Cana.

V. Jesusí Response To This Manís Plea For Help

[A] This man came to Jesus with a dersire to lead Jesus to His house
but Jesus said;

John 4:50 (KJV)
50 ďÖ Go thy way; thy