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Summary: Godly prayer with fasting releases breakthrough spiritual power.

READ: Mark 2:18-20 (text: v20)

Note Jesus’ words - “Then they will fast”.

Jesus knew there would come a time when He would not be physically present any longer with His disciples / with the church. Perilous times would come when supernatural strength would be needed. “Then they will fast IN THOSE DAYS.” Church, we are living in such days today - the Bridegroom is absent and our needs for spiritual power are SO very great. Jesus intends for us to seek after God with great prayer and fasting.

This morning I want to talk to you about the subject of fasting. I believe that there is great power in the principles of prayer with fasting. But so many people either 1.) ignore fasting (“it’s not for me”), or 2.) misunderstand what fasting is all about, and what is required for true Christian fasting.

In order to see something of the power of prayer and fasting, we need to turn to another passage of Scripture: MATTHEW 17:1-21. [READ.]

Jesus returns from His transfiguration, having been aside in the mountains with Peter, James and John. Upon His return down, they are met by the other disciples and the crowd of people who were following Jesus to see the miracles He might perform. And the first thing that we see is waiting for Jesus is:


READ v16.

There was a need that Jesus’ disciples could not meet - it was beyond their resources (human or spiritual). Previous to this, Jesus had already given His disciples the authority to heal the sick and cast out demons in His Name. And they went about preaching Jesus’ message of the Kingdom of God, and they healed and delivered just as Jesus said that they would.

BUT NOW they have struck a need that is obviously too great for them. This young man, so violently afflicted with a devil that tormented him - and the disciples, no matter what they attempted, had been unable to deal with it. There was an UNMET NEED.

Let’s not be too quick to criticize the disciples for their inability here. Haven’t we all been in those places where we have tried with all that we have to find an answer in our lives, or in the life of some other poor friend needing help? We’ve tried everything; we’ve exhausted all our spiritual resources, and still the need is left seemingly unmet. The sickness remains; the situation is unchanged; the person is unaffected/unsaved/unchallenged. The need is unmet! What are we to do?

Jesus came down from the mountain, where He and His closest associates had been in the presence of God, to be faced with this unmet need. They come down from the presence of God where anything and everything is perfect and the possibilities are unlimited - back to the grim realities of life. (Ever been in a powerful church meeting where you experienced such a touch of God that you felt you could turn the world upside-down, only to go out and bump into someone down the street that you’ve been praying for and there’s no discernible change in them - in fact they seem worse than ever?! You feel the wind leave your sails very quickly. You are confronted by the dilemma - the failure - the tragedy.)

Talk about it...

Ron Meador avatar
Ron Meador
0 days ago
Phil, this is an excellent message. I am doing a series on fasting and prayer and our church is in a 21 day fast. Thank you for this valuable resource. Blessings.
William Luffman avatar
William Luffman
0 days ago
Wonderfully presented sermon text! Thank you!
Ezekiel Oyugi avatar
Ezekiel Oyugi
0 days ago
I am blessed of the lord of breakthrough,The sermon has touched my life.
Herman Male avatar
Herman Male
0 days ago
I am so so so blessed to realize the power of prayer and fasting.

So, what did you think?

Thank you.