To anyone who knows her, Joanne is not a significant person. Honestly, chances are, Joanne will never accomplish anything significant. In the town that she lives in, Joanne is never going to be someone who people in town will see as an important person. Joanne is the person the people in town would walk around to get ahead in life.

Joanne had no known relatives, she had no real friends and many stores in town would simply ask her to turn around and leave as soon as she walked through the door. Now, Joanne wasnít homeless, she somehow acquired a small dilapidated house which she had completely furnished by hauling off stuff people left on the curb for the garbage men to pick up. (You know how you place an old T.V. or something by the curb and maybe someone will pass by and pick it up) - It was really quite impressive, a large T.V., a couch, a full dinning room setÖ.how she got the refrigerator into her kitchen all by herself, I could never figure out as she couldnít drive a car.

Joanne had dropped out of school somewhere around the sixth grade and had been in trouble ever since Ė even spending several years in jail, convicted of accessory to murder. On top of all this, Joanne had an unusual form of epilepsy and had seizures quite often. The state had provided her with a large black Labrador trained to help her with her epileptic seizures and they also provided her with a small subsidy to help her make ends meet. Joanne spent most of her day wandering around town with her black Labrador.

In this same town, I was an associate pastor in a church where a majority of the powerful people in town attended: Many of the physicians; The majority of the politicians; All the Bank presidents; A large number of the attorneys (yes, I know what youíre thinking, and Iím not sure thatís a good thing either); Almost everyone with a major business in town; Even the commander of the local military base was there front and center each Sunday; It seemed that if you were a person of any kind of importance, this was the church that you would attend. Every Sunday it was a gathering of the important and the powerful.

This is the church that Joanne decided that she was going to attend. To the shock of many of the folks at this church, every Sunday, she would walk in late during the first hymn and sit in the front pew with her dog laying at her feet. After service, she would hang out eating doughnuts and drinking large amounts of coffee, her dog in tow, every step of the way. Of course, all the children loved Joanne and her dog. Joanne would dole out doughnuts to the kids from the high counter, (this church kept the doughnuts up high so the kids would not eat them all) doughnuts that were reserved for the adults, and let the children pet her dog and feed him powdered doughnuts, he liked powdered doughnuts Ė quite the mess. I hate to admit it, but a few of the ladies repeatedly suggested that Joanne, ďexplore the possibility of attending another churchĒ.

In spite