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23 Jesus said to her, ďYour brother will rise again.Ē 24 Martha answered, ďI know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.Ē 25 Jesus said to her, ďI am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; 26 and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?Ē

I just want to talk about the Power of the Resurrection, and what it has done for us. I think we as Christians and students of the Bible, we often look over the obvious, and find ourselves looking for a four-leaf clover in the glass, and why we are looking for this four-leaf clover, we over look all of the other flowers that show us Godís Power. We look beyond it, and often times it escapes us. And I believe, as a matter of fact, I know itís for a purpose. One of the reasons that we are so defeated and so combated about, is not so much by the enemy, but by the turmoil that we see even among ourselves. Now sometime Satan is responsible for that, but other times it is us.

I want to tell you about the Power of Jesus Resurrection. What He said here in the 11th chapter, around the 25th verse, he said, ďI am the Resurrection and the Life Ē. Do you understand that it is the Power of Jesus Christ Resurrection at work, that makes you a Christian today? Itís the only reason that we are able to be Christians.
∑ Itís the Power of the Resurrection that gives us Faith to call upon the name of Jesus.
∑ Itís the Power of the Resurrection that has Satan under our feet.
∑ Itís the Power of the Resurrection that gives You and I the discipline power to draw others into the Kingdom of God.
∑ Itís the Power of the Resurrection that is just as powerful now, as it was then.

You see what the Resurrection has given you and I more than just faith; itís more than eternal life; yet, this is what Iím trying to say. I think we are over looking so many of His benefits, so many Amanateeís of the Holy Spirit and of the Resurrection that Jesus has won for us, that we simply look at just Eternal life.
∑ We simply look at the Resurrection Sunday
∑ We simply look at the Saints being raised up in a cloud with Believerís

We simply just look at these things, but we donít realize that God said that He have given you Power over the power of Satan. Do you understand that, that also liken to our abilities with the same Resurrection or Dotomus Power that Jesus Christ exercise when He go up from the grave. This is the same Power that you and I have today.
∑ Itís the same Power that raised Jarius daughter.
∑ Itís the same Power that called out demands.
∑ Itís the same Power that healed the lepers.
∑ Itís the same Power that will never loose its Power.

What Iím saying is this, you have the power to use the words of God to bring life, and you have power to use words of God to bring death. Jesus as we see Him in Gen. chapter 1, the Bible said, ďand God said, let there be light. He used the word to bring light into