If there is one thing we desperately need in the Church today, it is for our people to be continuously transformed by God. We need to get into His Word until His Word gets into us! We need to see change in a lot of areas in this world. All of us recognize that need. But even areas in people and within the church need to be changed. And a corporate change starts with personal change.

We must adopt the mentality that concludes: CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME. The world will change as we change, because it is men who have changed the world. And we as believers need to always guard against letting this world influence us and our thinking, instead of the church influencing the world in those areas. Because, when those roles are reversed, the sad result is a perverted and ineffective Gospel, that will powerless to change anyone or anything.

And so there is, I believe, BOTH a call from God, AND a demand from this worldís condition, for the Church to get back to preaching, teaching, and living out the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need prophets of God who will preach without fear and without favor! We need to preach the Word! We need to say what we mean, and mean what we say. No need to alter, adjust, or realign Godís Word. Just preach the Word, letting it speak for itself!

We donít have to be afraid to say what the Word says. And we donít have to try and make itís words a class in theology, or in technical terminology (which most people will not understand anyway). H. A. Ironside once said, "God told me to feed my sheep, not my giraffes." Donít try to get over peopleís head. As Paul told Timothy, itís plain and simple: PREACH THE WORD!

Listen to what Charles Spurgeon said: "It is blessed to eat into the very soul of the Bible until you come to talk the scriptural language and your spirit is flavored with the words of the Lord, so that your blood is Biblical and the very essence of the Bible flows through you." WOW! Thatís how we become changed. When the Bible lives in and through us in such a dimension that it changes the very essence of who we are. Let it happen, Lord!

And the longer that we live, and donít allow the Word to do itís work in us, the harder it will be for us to change our views, our thinking, and our ideas. Itís not impossible, but it is more difficult. Instead of a hardening of the arteries, we develop a "harden-ing of the arguments." And though we see the need, and expect change to come, the tendency is to look at others before you look at yourself. You become accustomed to you, and when someone else isnít you, and doesnít behave like you, you think they need to change!

But change doesnít come by looking at other people first. It comes by looking at ourselves in the mirror of Godís Word, and addressing the areas that are in-complete and insufficient, that donít measure up to His Word! Change must become a personal occurrence in all of us. In fact, CHANGE IS AT THE HEART OF GODíS REDEMPTIVE PURPOSE