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Most of this books first few chapters are often overlooked. Because much of it is considered boring and it is full of difficult names to pronounce. Most of these first few chapters are only listing the descendants of the various tribes of Israel. In our particular text it is just a continuance of the first three chapters, but notice that the author of this takes time to mention about Jabez and his story and prayer. Nowhere else does he stop to mention about someoneís story while giving the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel. That letís me know that Jabez and his story were of some importance to the author, and because Jabez was of importance to the author I have made Jabez of importance to myself.
Now the Bible does not tell us a great deal about Jabez or his story, in fact Jabez is only consumed in these two verses we are dealing with today. The author does not give a complete background of Jabez, but he just mentions I would guess the important things about Jabez. It does not tell if Jabez was rich or poor, young or old. It just simply says that Jabez had a prayer. All it tells us what the author thinks is or was important, but I have researched and found some other things about Jabez that may be of interest to you.
Jabez was not just a man with a prayer, but in fact Jabez did have an important role in those days. At the time of this text Jabez was in the process of expelling the Canaanites from the land the Lord had promised Israel.

1.) Now in this text we donít find much about Jabez, but we know a few things that are definite about Jabez. They are that Jabez was more honorable than his brethren were, Jabez was born into negative circumstances, and Jabez had a prayer.
2.) His mother named him Jabez and we find out that his name in the Hebrew language means, ďsorrow one,Ē because she said ď I bare him in sorrow, and pain.Ē So from birth Jabez was placed in some messed up circumstances. By naming her child Jabez she was already trying to predict Jabez future, but I stopped by to tell you that it didnít work. Because see Jabez kept on stepping, he said I know I am not supposed to be nothing, I know my name says that my future is supposed to be full of sorrow, but I refuse to live in sorrow. He said, I know that my circumstances donít permit me to make it, but Iím going to make it, Iím going to make it whether Iím supposed to make it or not. Because I know a man thatís able. Church Jabez kept on stepping, because he didnít let what he knew stop him from serving God. Well what do you mean? I mean you know you are broke, but just because he is real Iím able to come out of that shell, or that mold. What Iím saying is donít let your circumstances predict your praise, donít let your condition dictate the life that you live. Because my daddy didnít have nothing, that donít mean I got to be nothing. Because my mama had a house of babies,