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Over the last few months, there has been a phrase that we have used over and over again at Breakaway. Debi mentioned it a few times last week as she preached on the glory of God. I used it a few weeks before to define what worship is. Then as we have talked about different bible characters like Gideon, Mary, Moses, and Abraham, this phrase has also been used in describing their stories. This phrase that we have so often used is ďthe presence of God.Ē
As we have used this phrase over and over, I have left wondering if we really understand what it means, because I donít think I really know what it means. We use it all the time in the church but what does it look and feel like? I have wondered, ďWhere can we find Godís presence? I mean, do we even have to look for it? Isnít it everywhere?Ē And even more so, ďIs it even important for us to seek Godís presence?Ē
Over the last month or so, I have done a lot of praying and thinking about these questions and Godís presence. Tonight, I would like to humbly attempt to answer these questions according to what I found in scriptures. The passage that I would like to focus on is Exodus 33:1-15.
Our text today, picks up in the middle of a very important and exciting moment in the lives of all the Israelite people. The Israelites, not much more than five months ago, had been freed as slaves in Egypt. Their leader, Moses had confronted Pharaoh with the help of God and some miraculous plagues, which lead the Pharaoh to finally let the people go. During their long journey out of Egypt, their path had stopped at the foot of Mount Sinai in the desert. They had camped there for a little over forty days and now God was ready for them to continue their travels.
Starting at verse 1, ***33:1-3a***
Put yourself in the shoes of the Israelites upon hearing this command. How would you feel, after being in the dessert for months to have God come and say itís time to go? Wooooo hooooo! Yea! I would start packing so fast and be dancing and singing in excitement just because we were leaving the dessert for a land that was flowing with milk and honey. That definitely beats sand andÖumm more sand!
Not only were the people leaving the dessert, but they were going to the land that God had promised to their descendants. God had promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that they would be given the whole land of Canaan where their children and grandchildren for generations to come could grow up in safety. God was finally fulfilling his promise! The people would have been giddy in expectation of being able to be the first to step into the Promised Land.
On top of all that, God tells them that he will send an angel ahead of them to drive out all of the people inhabiting the Promised Land. Thatís pretty cool! They get their own personal body guard that is going to go off and kick everyoneís butt for them. How many people would like to have their own personal angel who went out before you in your day to confront the bully at school