Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
is made unto salvation.

You have to confess out the sin and having done that, you have to confess in the righteousness. That’s how you put on Christ. That’s how you put off the old flesh. So, you confess one out, you confess one in. Now, if all you ever do is confess your weakness and confess your sin in repentance, the repentance you live in will only lead you to despair. And if you only have faith without repentance then you are going to live in presumption. So, we find that we have to have the repentance and we have to have the faith. So, you repent of your sins and then you exercise faith. That’s exactly what He says. We read in 1 John 1:9 that beyond forgiveness, there is cleansing.

Many men come to the altar to pray. They pray until they have a mental catharsis or a spiritual purgative. Then they walk away feeling as though they have been released from that heavy burden of guilt and they are forgiven. But they go back and do the same dumb thing all over again because they have never waited in the presence of God for the cleansing to come. Beyond forgiveness, there is cleansing. It’s not enough to be forgiven, we must be cleansed.

Number Four: Agreement is the power of life. Agreement is the place of power. The place of agreement is the place of power. All disagreement results in powerlessness. Agreement always produces power.

You take some man who wants to build a house. You have to come to an agreement with the owner of the property. In the United States, you have to get your license from the city. You have to have approval from the planning committee. You have to have all of these things in agreement before you can begin to build. To begin to build without that means you’re in disagreement with them. As long as you’re in disagreement with them, you’re powerless to build. It’s the place of agreement that gives you the power.

It’s the same way in the kingdom of God. Before you came to Christ, there was no power of God in your life that enabled you to live an overcoming life over sin. But, once you came to an agreement with Jesus Christ and said, “Lord I am in need. I have failed, I’ve come short of your glory, I’m making a mess of my life. I’m dumping the whole thing, I ask you to forgive me. Lord I agree with you that you’re my Savior and my Lord.” When you come to Him and admit that in repentance, Jesus Christ then changes your mind. He renews your mind, regenerates your heart. He gives you a whole new outlook on life and His Spirit comes into you to enable you then to live the Christ life.

What happens is that you’re translated from out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s own dear Son. The life you now live, you live by the faith of Him who gave His life for you. This is a whole new way of living. So, you no longer live in powerlessness, but now you live in the power of God. And even when we do sin,