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End Times Prophecy Revival
Part I. God’s Development of End Time Revelation: Page 1
I. Daniel’s Four Beast Vision: The SUMMARY of End Time Events
(Daniel 7:1-14)
1. Daniel Provides Timing and Method of Revelation (v.1,2a)
A. First year of Belshazzar the King of Babylon
[553 B.C.-Daniel is 75 years old]
B. Dream and Visions of his head upon his bed
C. Wrote the dream down and told the sum/summary
D. The Vision was by night [Key Word in Book of Daniel: ‘Vision’-(2) Types: 1. To The Spiritual Eye 2. To The Physical Eye]
2. Four Great Beasts [Four World Empires] arise out of the sea
A. Four winds of heaven strove [commotion] upon the great sea
[Mediterranean Sea/Mass of Humanity]
B. The first beast was like a lion and eagle’s wings
[Nebuchadnezzar’s, King of Babylon Reign] (v.4)
The wings were plucked…and a man’s heart was given to
it [Nebuchadnezzar’s Insanity-Chapter 4)
C. The second beast like to a bear [Medo-Persia] (v.5)
It raised itself on one side…Arise devour much flesh
[Strong and ruthless dominion]
D. The third beast was like a leopard [Greece/Alexander the Great](v.6)
Had four wings…four heads, dominion was given it [Swift
in conquering, Four Divisions Kingdom]
E. The fourth beast dreadful and terrible and strong
exceedingly [Roman Empire incl. all of above] (v.7,8)
It had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces…
diverse from all others…had ten horns
There came up among them another little horn…three of the
first horns plucked up by the roots
And, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man and a
mouth speaking great things
3. Thrones were cast down/will be set up and the Ancient of
Days did sit/will take His Seat, the Judgment/
Court is set, and the books were opened (v.9,10)
4. The boasting beast/little horn will be destroyed, the rest of
the beasts dominion will be taken away/life
extended for a time (v.11,12)
5. One like the Son of Man came w/clouds and received
eternal dominion, glory and a Kingdom (v.13,14)
II. Daniel’s Response and Communication w/The Interpreting Angel (v.15-28) [Persec’n/Saints*Destrct’n/Beast*Kingdom God]
1. Daniel’s Condition (v.15)
A. Grieved/Distressed in Spirit
B. Troubled/Alarmed in Mind
2. Daniel’s 1st Question in Brief (v.16)
A. Asked the Truth of the Vision
B. Exact Meaning of the Vision
3. Angel’s Answer/Interpretation in Brief (v.17,18)
A. The four beasts are four kings which shall arise out of the earth
B. The saints of the Most High shall take the Kingdom and possess
it forever
4. Daniel’s 2nd Question in Detail (v.19-22)
A. The fourth beast (v.19)
*Diverse from all others/Exceeding dreadful w/teeth