Intro: When Adam and Eve sinned and became aware of their nakedness before God, God dressed them with “coats of skin” (Gen. 3:21). Unlike animals, man does not have fur, scales or feathers for covering when he is born. He has to wear garments to protect and keep his body warm.
The "robe" (used 26X) or “mantle” (used 13X) in old times was a long garment that was looser than the inner garment. It was generally not worn by ordinary people. It was mostly worn by kings, by prophets, by nobles, and by the rich. That outer garment was the dress of royalty and stately rank. It was the garment of those who had high social distinction. Let us now consider five robes found in the Bible and be enlightened with their spiritual significance.

1. THE TORN ROBE OF SORROW (Job 1:20). There Job rends his "mantle" or his "robe." This was in response to the fierceness of Satan’s assaults. The Devil took his family, his health, and his wealth. However, Job did not lose his faith in God though he deeply loved his family, his possessions and himself. When the man of God Job lost his earthly treasures and relationships, it cost him much sorrow. You must not let your rent robes of sorrow separate you from the sweet fellowship with the God who loves you (Rom. 8:38-39).

2. THE LONG ROBE OF PRETENSION (Luke 20:46). The Lord Jesus warned of the scribes with their long robes. They were religious pretenders; they claimed to know God but rejected His Son. They copied the law and taught it but were blind as to who Jesus really was. They added to the law regulations not found therein. They explained the law itself; they taught the law to others. Scribes were judges, since they claimed only the scribes fully understood the meaning of the laws of the OT. They pretended they were right with God, but it was really just a show (Matt. 23:25, 27). Don’t pretend and deceive yourself to be right with God – make sure it is real!

3. THE SCARLET ROBE OF MOCKERY (Matt. 27:28). Mark and John says the Romans stripped Jesus and put upon Him a “purple robe” (Mark 15:17; John 19:2, 5) Compare the “scarlet robe” Matthew said the soldiers let Him wore (Explain). The scarlet or purple robe on Jesus was but a mock imitation of the royal robe a king wore. How sad that some people will mock the Lord Jesus instead of trust Him!

4. THE BEST ROBE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (Luke 15:22). When the repentant prodigal son came home to his father, he was made to wear the “best robe” by his father. That robe restored him to a place of honor and dignity as a son. This best robe of righteousness speaks of our being clothed with Christ’s righteousness (I Cor. 1:30; II Cor. 5:21) as sons of God. Am I speaking to a “prodigal son” right now? If so, it is never too late to return and get right with God.

5. THE WHITE ROBE OF THE REDEEMED (Rev. 7:9, 14). This scene is before the throne of God in Heaven. Here is a picture of the blood-washed saints from every nation, race and language praising and worshipping God