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Joseph Addison says, “Jealousy is that pain which a man feels from the apprehension that he is not equally beloved by the person whom he entirely loves.” From the very begging of time jealousy has been a common factor on addressing one’s greatest fears. In fact, we must be conscious of the fact that jealousy is more evident than not. Furthermore, our awareness can be more beneficial than the cause of it. There are 3 observations we want to discover etymology, characteristic, and the application.

The word jealousy is a word that derives from a combination of words. The English word for jealousy is to describe as a person that is resentful, envious, or covetousness. The Greek meaning “jealousy” fthon-os; is prompted by envy. The Latin word for” jealousy; translate as the green eyed monster; meaning a feeling of jealous or envy especially of a rival. In Othello, 1604, Shakespeare also alludes to cats as green-eyed monsters in the way that they play with mice before killing them.

General Characteristic
Often time jealousy is a product of disobedience for example, Cain’s motives for killing Abel was simply being envious concerning God’s favor towards Abel. Abel brought the best flock for a sacrifice to God and Cain brought mediocre crops for sacrifice. As a results God only accepted Abel’s sacrifice. Jealousy manifests itself when one feels as though you’re in competition with someone else over something that you value. In Luke Chapter 15, v. 31, 32 jealousies are evident because the elder son resented the fact that his father would welcome his brother home in such a festive fashion. Therefore, envy towards others is often a result of feeling rejected or betrayed which causes jealousy. The resentfulness of the father’s yielding to the whim of his young brother to go his own way, taking his share of the family’s substance and abandoning all feeling of responsibility to their father or the family or the inheritance. After squandering his share of the family property in riotous living, now the spend thrift had come back penniless, and their father and the family were actually celebrating his return! In the face of such powerful resentment and recrimination the unhappy father attempts to explain to his elder son that they are always together and the son is owner of all that the father has. ‘But’, he protests, ‘we had to celebrate and rejoice, because this brother of yours was dead and has come to life; he was lost and has been found’

Learning how to deal with jealous often indicates that your real source of anger isn’t at the person you’re jealous of. Instead, many realize that their